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2018年2月27日 (火)


Int. Dining Room On Ship - Evening

Passengers dining.  The passengers seated in the f.g. murmur to each other,
look around interestedly as Nickie is shown to his table


Med. Shot

The waiter enters followed by Terry.  They walk back toward corner chair,
disclosing Nickie seated, menu over face.  The waiter seats Terry as Nickie
sees her, then the waiter exits.  Terry looks around, sees people off scene
watching, turns and sees Nickie.  Both react.




Terry  (muttering)
                 This is what is known as fooling the world!

Nickie        Yes...

Terry         Everybody's looking at us -- This is awful!

Nickie        What did you say?
           (as he leans back)

Terry         I said this is awful!  I'm going to leave!

She rises.  He rises.  They ad lib.  He starts to go, but she half pulls him
back, then turns and exits, leaving her purse on chair.  Nickie sees the
purse on chair, picks it up, looks around, helpless, then puts it inside coat
pocket.  The waiter re-enters and goes to chair, looking for the purse. 
Nickie sees him, pulls purse out and hands it to him, then rises as he
reaches for cigarette case.

ad lib=即興的にしゃべる

Nickie      You don't think I make a practice of this --

The waiter reaches for the case, but Nickie pulls it away and pantomimes: 
"No!  This is mine!"  He turns and exits furiously.

                                                                              Dissolve To:

Int. Ship's Pool - Morning

Bright and sunny.  Terry enters.  She is wearing a dark robe.  She
takes a deep breath of the crisp morning air.  She's slept well and feels
wonderful.  Then strips the robe.  She is wearing a white bathing suit.
She goes up on the diving board, poises, dives.  Camera quickly pans to:


Nickie - Med. Shot

as he enters.  He is wearing  a black robe.  He hasn't slept well and
doesn't feel wonderful. The pool looks deserted.  He takes the robe off.
He is wearing black trunks.  He goes up on the board and dives.


Close Shot

as Terry and Nickie bob up in the pool.

bob up=〔予期しなかった人・物が〕突然[不意に]現れる[浮上する]

Terry  (innocently)
        Did you want to say something?

Nickie  (strangling)
                 I'm seeing more of you all the time.

see more of~=~にまた会う   
all the time=いつも、年がら年中、ひっきりなしに

Offscene, the ship's whistle hoots.  Terry looks off.

look off=他に目をやる

Terry        We're coming into Naples.  Are you going ashore?

Nickie  (stiffly)


Terry    Anyone I know?

Nickie  (stiffly)
                 I'm calling on a lady.

Terry         You really do get around.

get around=あちこちに移動する、動き回る、付き合いが広い

She swims to poolside.  Nickie follows her.

Terry         Yes.  I'd love to meet your grandmother.

Nickie        To play safe, I'll go ashore first and have a horse and carriage

Terry and Nickie look at each other, then start swimming toward pool edge.

                                                                                   Dissolve To:   

Ext. Road - Long Shot


The carriage coming up hill toward camera.

Ext. Road - High Angle, Shooting Down - Day - (Process)

The carriage with Nickie and Terry is coming toward camera.  (dialogue to
be written after we see location)

Reverse Angle - Carriage - Day

Going up hill along a beautiful vista.
                                                                                   Dissolve To:   


2018年2月15日 (木)


Med.  Shot

She stops as she looks down behind ventilator and sees photographer crouching
over his camera.  She beckons to Nickie.


Terry        Psst!
                (=ちょっと、ねえ・読み方 /ps(t)米国英語)

Nickie re-enters as she runs back, picks up plate and Nickie speaks.

Nickie (to photographer)
                You shouldn't have done that!

Terry throws plate to him.

Nickie       We told you --
          (catches plate and holds it up)
          (throws plate in ocean)
                It's no good!

He dusts off hands and exits.  Photographer stands there glaring.  Terry passes
photographer, then hurries past him and out as he stares after her.

                                          Dissolve To:

Ext. Upper Deck - Med. Shot - Night

Nickie comes up the steps and sees a little boy hanging from the beams.



Boy          Hey!  Get me out of here, will you?

Camera pans with Nickie as he crosses to boy and takes him down from hanging position, seating him on rail.


Boy          Gee, I got up there and I couldn't get back.

Nickie (slaps boy's legs, then goes into business of game)
                Can you do this?


Boy         Sure.

They play slapping game.

Nickie       Good - you're quite a guy.
          (he starts off)      (=大したやつ)

Boy      Say --
       (pulling Nickie back)
               -- you must be quite a guy yourself.


Nickie       Yes?  Why?

Boy           Well, everybody on the ship's talking about you.

Nickie        No -- what do they say about me?

Boy          I don't know -- on account of every time they start talking about
       you, they make me leave the room.

on account of=~の理由で

Nickie        Is that so?

They both laugh.  Nickie starts off,  meets Terry who has been watching from
the stairs.

Terry         Cute!

Nickie fussed, pantomimes, then bows and goes down deck.  Terry
comes forward and sees boy.                                                                              

come forward=前に進み出る

Terry        You'd better be careful there, chum --- you'll hurt yourself. 
                When I was little like you, I fell and broke my leg. 

chum=《口語》 (子供の中での)仲よし

Boy           How is it now?

Terry         Huh? -- Well, it's all right.

Boy          Well, what are you crabbing about?

Terry is stopped.  She turns.

Terry         I -- I'm not crabbing -- I'm sorry -- I --

She gives him a look and walks on.

Int. Bar - Med. Shot - Night

People seated at tables.  Nickie enters from the outside.  Camera pans
him to bar.

Nickie        Champagne cocktail, please.

Bartender  Yes, sir.

Nickie        Have you got cigarettes?

Bartender  The cigarette stand, sir.

Nickie  (starts - stops)
                 Have you got pink champagne?

Bartender  Oh, yes.

Nickie exits.  Terry enters from outside and camera pans her over to bar.


Terry       Champagne cocktail, please.

Bartender Yes, madame.


Terry  (as bartender brings up second glass)
                Have you any pink champagne?

Bartender  Oh, yes.

The bartender mixes drinks.  Nickie re-enters and picks his drink up.
Nickie and Terry turn to each other and smile, then drink.

Nickie        I changed my table to a table for one.

As he speaks a blonde moves in and sits next to Terry, leaning over to
hear them speak.

Terry       So did I.

Nickie  (in a low voice)
                It's too bad it had to be like that -- after such a delightful
                dinner last night --

Terry becomes conscious of people all listening, turns to Nickie.

Terry        Do you speak Gaelic?   


Nickie      Fluently.

Terry  (in Gaelic)
               Let's leave here.
Terry smiles, then gives the blonde a dirty look, leans over and blows into
her ear softly.  She rises and Nickie walks with her to the door - Camera
panning with them.  They look at each other, then exit in opposite direction.

dirty look=怒った顔つき
lean over=身を乗り出す、屈みこむ

                                    Dissolve To:


2018年2月11日 (日)


Dissolve To:

Ext. Sun Deck - Day - Traveling Shot

Nickie enters and walks past the row of deck chairs in which women of
all ages and sizes are stretched out with a lot of legs showing.  He
finally stops in front of one deck chair in which a woman has a hat
pulled down over her face.

Nickie       I never forget a face.

The woman pushes back the hat, revealing herself to be Terry.

Terry (looking up at Nickie)

Nickie sits down in the chair next to her.

Nickie        Didn't your mother warn you about sun decks?

Terry       Yes, she told me to 'Watch out for -- freckles.'
                                            (=~に注意する)  (=そばかす、染み)

Nickie (looking at her)
                Any place in particular?

A Page Boy comes along the sun deck with a sheaf of radiograms,
calling:                                                     (=〔まとめた〕束)

Page Boy   Signore Ferrante --

Nickie (stopping him)
                 That's me, boy.
          (he tips him, and takes the radiogram)
                 Pardon me, Miss McKay.

Boy (turning back)
                 McKay?  I have a radiogram for you too.

Terry (taking radiogram)
                 Pardon me, Mr. Ferrante.

Both Terry and Nickie stand back to back reading their radiograms.
As they finish they turn facing each other.

Nickie and Terry (in unison)
        From him?
                 From her?

Both nod.


New Angle

Nickie        Now, where were we -- you were about to tell me
                 where you were born.

Terry         Boston...

Nickie        And from there...?

Terry         I grew up quickly, went to New York and got a job singing
                 in a night club from ten to three in the morning. Then the
                 manager used to chase me around his office till about four
                 - then I went home.  One night, Ken came along...

Nickie        Oh, yes...

Terry       And he said I didn't belong in a place like that...he said that...

Nickie       I didn't say anything.  But where did he say you belonged?

Terry        Well, he said that - er - well, he said I belonged on Park
                Avenue with a lovely view of...

Nickie       Of him?

Terry       Well, in a way...

Nickie       And of course he was in business?

Terry       Sort of...

Nickie       And a penthouse on Park Avenue was an ideal place for you
                to improve yourself?

Terry        Yes...so I studied hard.

Nickie      Singing?

Terry       Various things.

Nickie      So that one day you'd make a charming and lovely wife.

Terry        That was the general idea.

Nickie       And then you discovered he was married.

Terry        No.

Nickie       Not married?

Terry        Separated.
         ( a pause)
                Well, that sort of brings us up to date.  Now my life's an open
                book.                (=~に最新の情報を伝える)

Nickie       That's only one page.

Terry       That's the only page.

Photographer (off)
I beg your pardon!

They both turn and look off and see the ship's photographer with camera
raised.  He snaps it.

Grazia -- thank you very much.

Nickie turns back to rail.

Terry        Oh -- that's bad...ah --
         (she pantomimes them together)

Nickie       Oh --
          (to photographer)
                That's a beautiful camera you have there.

                Oh, yes --

Nickie  (taking plate out and pulling inside out and walking back to rail)
                Takes very clear pictures, eh?

                Oh, very clear - yes -
                   (as he sees what Nickie is doing)
                Oh, please, Signore -- stop!

He grabs plate and holds it behind him - Terry grabs it, and as he turns
to her, she drops it overboard - he glares, then exits, furiously.
                           (=船外へ)      (=にらみつける)


Terry      I guess it's no good for either one of us to be seen together. 
               Right or wrong, people will talk.  It had better be goodbye.

Nickie     What's the matter - afraid?

Terry      Of you?  No.

Nickie     But after all, we're on the same ship - there are still five
               days - you know.

Terry       Oh, you can take long walks in the sunshine --

Nickie      What'll I do if it rains?

Terry      No - it's no good.

Nickie     I see -- it's particularly no good for you.

Terry      Yes, that's right.  Being seen with you is news, and I don't
               want to get my picture in the paper.  So I guess we'd better
               - sub-divide...

He nods, she smiles and they exit in different directions.


2018年2月 5日 (月)


Int. Dining Room - Night


Terry and Nickie are seated at a table.  People are having dinner
in the background.

Terry (sweetly)And when you were little - what did your nurse read
                     to you at bedtime...the memoirs of Casanova?

Nickie (solemnly)
                     Every night and then we'd turn out the light.

Terry reacts - Nickie adds hastily.

Nickie            I was only so big --
          (he indicates a little tot)
               (=表す)            (=〈話〉小さい子ども)

Terry (insidiously)
                     You must have had a happy childhood.

Nickie beams.

Terry           And women - you've known quite a few,
                     haven't you?                     (=かなりの数)

Nickie          Mmmm...

Terry  (helpfully)
                     Or maybe few is the wrong word?

Nickie           Let's say it's not precise.

Terry  (calculating)

Nickie  (a vague gesture)   

Terry          Would an IBM machine help?

Before he can answer the waiter enters.

Waiter         I beg pardon, Signore Ferrante - would you like me
                    to reserve this table for you every night?

Nickie looks at Terry - she nods.

Nickie(a smile)Why not?

The waiter exits.

Terry (picking up where she left off)
                    And I suppose they've all been madly in love with you...
         (he agrees)
                    But, of course, you haven't much respect for them...
         (he agrees to this, too)
                    ...Still, you've always been fair in your judgment.

pick up=〔会話を〕再び始める
leave off=〔仕事・話などを〕やめる、中止する

Nickie         I've been more than fair. I idealize them...Every woman
                    I meet I put up there -
           (holding his hand up high)
                   But the longer I know her - the better I know her...

more than=~どころではない、非常に~で、この上なく

His hand has dropped below the table. He seems surprised to find it
missing.  He discovers it below the tablecloth.  He shrugs. 


Nickie        Now, let's talk about you.

Terry          No-ooo...not tonight.   The statistics wore me out.  We'll
                  talk about me some other time...We've nothing planned
                  for tomorrow.

wear out=疲れさせる

Nickie         I have.

Terry        No -  we'll talk about me tomorrow.                                                                     


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