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2018年1月18日 (木)


Int. Terry's Suite - Med. Shot - Night
                            (=medium shot ミディアム・ショット◆long shotと

The door opens and Terry, followed by Nickie, enters as she speaks.

Terry         It's just that my mother told me never to enter a man's
                   room in months ending in "R".

Nickie          Your mother must be a very clever woman.  What is
                   your name?

Terry           Terry McKay.  Terry McKay, and I'm traveling alone.
                   (as he starts into room)
                   Was that by any chance what was troubling you? 

Nickie (stops and turns to her)
          (walks back and looks around)
                   Oh, this is fine -- You saved my life, you know - I was
                   bored to death -- I haven't seen one attractive girl on
                   this boat since we left -- not one.  It's terrible -- it's
                   not for me -- Life should be bright -- it should be
                   beautiful and bubbly, like champagne.  I got scared - I
                   said to myself "Don't beautiful women travel anymore?
                   Evidently not."  And then I saw you and it was all right
                   -- I was saved - I hope.
          (offering her case)



Terry           No thanks.
          (walks back toward chair)
                   Have you been getting results with a line like that?
          (sitting on arm of chair)
         Or would I be surprised?


Nickie (sitting down)
                   If you were surprised, it would surprise me.  

Terry           That sounds like a nasty crack.  I could make a few
                   too if I felt like it.


Nickie          I'm sure you could.

Terry           I know I can.

Nickie          That's what I said.

Terry          I think I will -- Does your fiancee know the 'lady of
                    the yacht Gabriella'?

Nickie         Yes - it was her best friend.

He rises and goes toward veranda as she speaks.

Terry          Friendly group.

Nickie          The boat is going awfully fast.
          (he starts back to her) 
                   Only six and one-half days till we get in. Is there any
                   reason why - from now on...it shouldn't be pink

She looks at Ken's picture which is on a table with a huge vase of
fresh cut flowers,  So does he.  Then, crosses and sits on the other
arm of chair. 

Nickie (indicating picture)
                   Is that him?

Terry         Uh-huh.  Flowers every day.
          (indicating vase of flowers) 

Nickie          Nice - mmm?
          (she nods yes)
          (she nods and fingers her pearls, which does not escape
           Nickie's notice)
                   He looks healthy, too.

Terry         Handball -  twice a week... 

Nickie (he winces at the handball)
                  And a massage - before he sees you?

Terry         Four times a week.

Nickie        Where is he now?

Terry         Reno.  

        カジノで知られ「世界で一番大きな小都市(The Biggest Little
        City in the World)」の愛称で呼ばれる。

Nickie         Business?

Terry          Not exactly.

Nickie         Pleasure?

A beat.

Terry (slightly turning her head)

Nickie (his eyebrows arch)
                  And he suggested a trip to Europe while...

Terry          Messy, isn't it?

He nods. A beat.

Nickie         And I suppose he wouldn't approve of pink cham...?

Both         No-ooo...

He examines the picture again.

Nickie         Very touching - I mean, his trusting you alone...in Europe.

Terry          Isn't it?

Nickie         He must feel very sure of himself.

Terry        Horribly.

Nickie (a beat - hopefully)
                  No mistakes?  No little slips?  Tiny errors?


Terry (sadly)Not one.  Five years.  Isn't it awful?

Nickie looks at Ken's picture again.

Nickie        He looks very engaging.

Terry         You can imagine how attractive he is when I can resist
                 so charming a person as ---
          (she indicates Nickie)   

Nickie (rising)
                 I think I'll go now.
          (he edges back toward door)
                 Well - there's still deck tennis - Keno - Shuffleboard...
                 and an early plunge in the pool...

                  枠の中に入れるゲーム; 主に船の甲板でする)

Terry (astonished)
                 Don't tell me you're embarrassed?

Nickie        Yes.  Yes, as a matter-of-fact, I am.  And if you don't mind,
                  I'll take my pride for a walk...
           (opens door - hesitates)
                  Unless,  you care to have...

Terry          Dinner with you?  I'd love to.

And goes out.  He closes the door behind them.

                                                                               Dissolve To

dissolve=ディゾルブ 《画面が暗くなるのにオーバーラップして次の画面が


2018年1月16日 (火)


Med. Shot - Shooting Toward Door

Nickie enters, goes through door, looks around, then disappears
inside as camera moves forward along windows.  Camera stops as
Nickie comes out of door and looks around deck for Terry.  Then he
paces back and forth.  Terry comes out from inside and watches
him pace a moment.

Terry       What's the matter - did you lose it again?

She grins and walks out.

Nickie      Look -

Camera pans him to her.

Nickie           I am in trouble -- serious trouble.

Terry              Well,  I could have told you -- playing around yachts. 
                       The poor thing!

Nickie           I must talk to someone.

Terry            Well, I'm not very good at that sort of thing - I talk
                      a lot - I'm trying  to break myself of the habit.

Nickie             No -- you have an honest face.  I can trust you,
                      can't I?

Terry           (taking small mirror from her purse and looking into it)
                      Yes, I guess so.

Nickie (taking her arm)
                     Come with me.

He starts leading her to door as she speaks:

Terry             Yes, but the captain has an honest face, too -- why
                     don't you tell him your troubles?

They exit inside.

Int. Ship's Corridor - Dolly Shot - Night

Nickie and Terry come around the corner and start forward as camera
moves back with them.  Halfway down, he turns to her.

Nickie            Shall we go to your cabin or mine?

Terry (hesitating in her walk)
                     Oh -- m-mine.

Nickie (as they walk on)
                     Maybe mine is closer - it's just -
         (steps a little ahead of her and indicates off)

Terry  (crossing to door behind him)
                     Mine is here.

medium shot ミディアム・ショット◆long shotとclose-upの中間距離からの撮影

She opens door and enters as he reacts, then goes to door, gives little
look back toward his room, then follows her through door as she says:

Terry             It's not that I'm prudish --


He starts to close door after himself.




2018年1月 9日 (火)



『めぐり逢い』(An Affair to Remember)は、1957年制作のアメリカ映画。
レオ・マッケリー監督。主演はケーリー・グラントとデボラ・カー。 本作は
マッケリーが1939年に制作した映画『邂逅』(Love Affair)のリメイクで
ある。多くのシーンは前作と同じ内容である。 デボラ・カーが映画の

"An Affair to Remember"


Close Shot -- American TV News' Commentator

Commentator    Flash!  I have some great news for us mere men.
                        Nickie Ferrante,  the famous man among women,
                        is going out of circulation!  This big dame hunter
                        will not scatter his shots any more.  This time
                        it's marriage.  He sailed today from Europe, and
                        Lois Clarke will be at the gangplank in New York
                        palpitating for him.  Six hundred million bucks -
                        and lovely Lois, too.  Oh, Brother!  For six
                        hundred million bucks I'd marry an ostrich!  (How
                        much time've I got?)

be out of circulation=((米口))社交活動を断っている

Close Shot -- French TV News' Commentator

In contrast to the American the Frenchman is very suave.
French Commentator (in French)
          Nickie Ferrante, the master in the art of making love
                       - the man who knows how to love them and leave
                       them happy - has finally decided to try a new
                       adventure for him...marriage!  The fortunate lady is
                       Miss Lois  Clarke, the American heiress to a
                       fortune of six hundred million American dollars.  Mon
                       Dieu, how much would that be in francs?

Mon Dieu=フランス語で「神様」

Close shot -- English TV Newscaster

In contrast to the feverish tempo of the American and the suave
Frenchman, he and his broad "A" take a leisurely and rather bored

broad=〈低母音が〉後舌の 《ask などの母音を /ɑː/と発音する》

English Newscaster
          As I view the news - here's a rather choice tidbit
                       -- Nickie Ferrante sails tonight to enter into
                       matrimony with one of America's -- er -- industrial
                       nobility -- rock and gravel I believe ---
                       (he peers closely at news sheet)
                       --Ah---Miss Lois Clarke
                       (long pause while he scans the pages.  As boredom
                        sets in)
                       ---there you have it.



Long Shot - Ship At Sea - Dusk

Ext. Promenade Deck - Steamship - Dusk

Passengers are strolling in evening dress, having their after dinner
smokes on the balmy deck as the camera trucks up to the
entrance to the ship's interior as a page boy steps onto the deck,
takes another look at the name on his list, reflects interest and
pride in his mission, takes a deep breath and calls out:

page boy=ボーイ、給仕

Page Boy    Signore Ferrante?

A Man              No.

The man, with his lady friend, exits as the boy turns and calls again:

Page Boy    Signore Ferrante!

He starts down the deck, camera following him as he speaks to
another man. 

Page Boy    Signore Ferrante?

Second Man     No -- is he on board?

The boy grins as he goes on down the deck, calling:

Page Boy    Signore Ferrante! Signore Ferrante!
          (stops at stairway and looks up questioningly)
             Signore Ferrante?

Nickie comes down the steps and stops.

Page Boy    There's a phone call, from Paris, Signore.

Page boy exits as three middle-aged school teachers rush in
to Nickie surrounding him.

First Woman  Oh, Mr. Ferrante - will you autograph this
picture of you, please? Write something we'll always remember.

Second Woman
          Something sizzling!

Nickie      I'll have to postpone this pleasure until later
          - I'm wanted on the telephone---if you will
                       excuse me---

He bows and exits.

Close Shot - Nickie In Telephone Booth

Nickie      But Gabriella, I didn't dream you cared so
                       much -- I considered myself your
                       plaything --

Int. Boudoir - Paris

Gabriella is lying on her bed, scantily clad in sheer negligee. 
She is very angry and volatile.


Gabriella    (slight accent)
         How could you speak of love to me -- say
                     the things you did - and you about to be
                     married?  Do you remember what you
                     whispered when I gave you the cigarette case?

Int. Telephone  Booth - Nickie

Nickie     Of course! -- I said -- hello, hello - can you
                     hear me, Gabriella?  I believe we're
                     disconnected -- operator --


Int.  Gabriella's Boudoir -- Close Shot Gabriella

She knows this is a ruse.  She picks up a paper knife.
                             (= 〔人をだますための〕策略、計略)

Gabriella    We are not disconnected!  I have in my hand
a knife - I wish it were in your back!

Close Shot - Nickie In Phone Booth

He smiles somewhat cynically and hangs up.  Then discovers
he is without his cigarette case.  He looks off.

Full Shot

As Nickie comes out of the booth, a large man and his wife
come bounding into the scene.

Hathaway (extending his hand)
         Oh, Mr. Ferrante.  My name is Hathaway. 
                     Ned Hathaway.  This is my wife, Mrs. Hathaway.
                     We sure are pleased to be traveling with you...

Nickie (mumbling)
                     I am delighted...

Hathaway (going right on)
                     We were getting up a game of bridge and
                     Mrs. Hathaway and I were wondering if you
                     would care to join us.  My sister Florence is
                     traveling with us and she could be the fourth

get up=〈催し・会などを〉準備する, 始める; 計画する

Nickie     You wouldn't want me.  I cheat.

He hurries off, leaving the Hathaways staring after him.

Ext.  Promenade Deck - Night
        (= 〔船上の〕プロムナードデッキ、遊歩甲板)


Nickie is discovered taking a walk.  He passes an interior
porthole -- sees something  - moves closer and calls o.s.
calls o.s.=(この意味はどうしても分からなかった

Nickie     I beg your pardon.

A beautiful face appears at the opposite side of the porthole.
The porthole makes a lovely frame for the beautiful face.
This is Terry McKay.

Terry     Yes?

Nickie           I notice you have my cigarette case.

Terry           I might as well confess, I'm a jewel thief.  

Closeup of Nickie & Terry

Nickie (disbelieving)
                   I don' t believe it.

Terry           All right, then, I was returning it to the purser.  I found
                   it in the -- wait a minute --how do I know it's yours?


Nickie (impressed)
           There is an inscription to me on the inside.
                                    (= 〔贈呈された本に書かれた〕献辞)

Closeup - Terry

She opens the case.

Terry (reading)
                   To Nickalo --

Terry looks at him with slightly arched eyebrows, but with a serious


Terry     Don't tell me you're the famous --
                  (Nickie looks embarrassed)
                  -- I've read so much about you!
                  Let's see, was it in Life or Look -- ?

Nickie (embarrassed)
                  Woman's Home Companion.

Terry          Oh.

Closeup - Nickie

Nickie (in mock embarrassed)
                  Now, may I have my cigarette case?

Two Shot - Featuring Terry

She starts to read the rest of the inscription - then:

Terry    This is frightfully intimate.  I just know enough French
                  to be embarrassed.  Can you clean it up a little and tell
                  me in effect what it says?

be embarrassed=恥ずかしい思いをする
clean up=整理する
in effect=要するに

Nickie    In French?

Terry  (smiling)
                  No, in English.

Nickie         Well, it says, in effect, 'in memory of three wonderful
                  nights on La Gabriella' --
                  - that's the name of her yacht.

Terry (nodding)
                  I guess that's you all right.

She hands him the cigarette case.


Two Shot From Nickie's Angle

He studies her a long moment.  Her face is still dead serious.

Nickie    Did you write the song 'I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN'?

Terry's manner softens and she gives him an infectious smile. 


Terry    No -- but I may write one called "MOON OVER LA
                 Do you think it will ever take the place of night baseball?

She humorously shakes her head negatively and exits. 
Nickie watches her off, very much intrigued.   



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