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2017年12月 9日 (土)


93   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DECEMBER DUSK                   93   

Kathleen is in the window decorating a little tree 
with lovely decorations from a box. Two people are
carrying a tree home, there's the sound of church
bells. Kathleen looks up as a couple of people walk past
the store, carrying Foxbooks shopping bags. Then she unwraps a pair of ruby slipper ornaments,
and as she starts to hang them on the tree we
hear the sound of the computer.
KATHLEEN (V.O.)This is such an odd Christmas.  I                find myself missing my mother, who's                been dead for ten years.  New York                at Christmas is so loaded with all                the things we used to do -- 94   INT. NEW YORK STATE THEATER - 1972 - DAY                      94    As Young Kathleen, dressed in a little velvet dress,
sits in the audience next to her mother watching
the ballet. KATHLEEN (V.O. CONT'D)                -- going to the Nutcracker --


95 EXT. ROCKEFELLER CENTER SKATING RINK-1972-DAY             95    KATHLEEN      -- ice skating at Rockefeller Center,               where I was knocked into a 6-year-               old maniac -- A SIX-YEAR-OLD BOY knocks into her. YOUNG KATHLEEN                Hey, watch out -- SIX-YEAR-OLD BOY                Me watch out, why don't you watch                out?  I'm not sliding around like a                baby.  You think I come here to skate                with babies? Young Kathleen's jaw drops and she stands there
tongue-tied. KATHLEEN (V.O.)My first experience as a speechless                person.
Her mother skates up and takes her hand.  The boy
skates off. KATHLEEN (V.O.) (CONT'D)                I always miss my mother at Christmas,                but somehow it's worse this year                since I need some advice from her. And we hear the sound of another computer. 96   INT. JOE'S DEN                                                96    As he replies to Kathleen. JOE (V.O.)My mother took me ice skating too -- 97   EXT. ROCKEFELLER CENTER SKATING RINK - DAY                    97    We see a little boy, YOUNG JOE, 8, skate past
holding someone's hand -- JOE     -- although my mother did not skate.          The nanny skated -- And we now see JOE'S NANNY, a young Sonja Henie,
who suddenly peels off into a series of triple lutzes, as JOE'S MOTHER absently reads a copy of Vogue in the spectators'
peel off=はがす、〔集団から〕離れる

98   INT. LINCOLN CENTER THEATER - 1972 - DAY                      98    JOE (V.O.)  And I was in the Nutcracker. We see the stage now.  There's Young Joe, among
the children at the Christmas party. JOE (CONT'D) So was my nanny. As JOE'S NANNY #2 pirouettes past.
JOE (CONT'D) Different nanny.  By the way, I'm              surprised you aren't a writer.               Although you probably are a writer              and don't know it.  Are you a writer              and I don't know it? 99   INT. JOE'S APARTMENT - 1972 - NIGHT                           99    Young Joe, at the dinner table with his father. 
A wide shot of a big room with a huge table and
Joe looks very small at the table as he eats his
soup. JOE     My mother died when I was ten.  I         was staying with my father, who is         not famous for intimacy, and whose         way of breaking the news of her death         was to tell me she would not be coming         to pick me up as usual.  It was a         car accident, and I don't know where         she was going or who she was with,         and I assume what I owe her is my         tendency to cover almost any emotion         with a joke.  A useful gift, unless         you want to know what you're feeling.          She was very beautiful.  People toss         that word around a lot, but my mother         was.


The camera moves closer to the dining table. 
We see that tears are rolling down little Joe's
cheeks. 100   INT. JOE'S DEN - NIGHT                                      100    Joe stops typing.  He is surprised to find his
eyes watering. A moment of confusion as he cannot believe he
has moved himself to tears.  Shakes his head,
shakes the emotion off. Starts typing again. JOE     Ancient history.  So what kind of         advice do you need?  Can I help? 101   INT. KATHLEEN'S BEDROOM - DAY                               101    Kathleen in bed with her laptop reading Joe's letter. She starts to type a response. Suddenly there's harp arpeggio and an Instant Message
flashes on screen.

 Instant Message=インスタント・メッセージ◆インター

THE MESSAGE JOE (V.O.)    I had a gut feeling you would be on               line now. gut=
〔心の底の〕感情をかき立てる                                                      (CONTINUED) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                             p. 64 102   INT. JOE'S BEDROOM - DAY                                    102    Joe is in bed with his laptop.  And cut back and forth
between them and their computer screens as they type
Instant Messages to one another.  Possible split
screens. JOE  I can give you advice.  I'm great at advice. KATHLEEN (V.O.)I don't think you can help. JOE (V.O.)Is it about love? KATHLEEN (V.O.)My business is in trouble.  My mother                would have something wise to say. JOE (V.O.)I'm a brilliant businessman.  It's what
     I do best.  What's your business? KATHLEEN (V.O.)No specifics, remember?

JOE (V.O.)Minus specifics, it's hard to help.            Except to say, go to the mattresses.
KATHLEEN (V.O.)What? JOE (V.O.)It's from The Godfather.  It means           you have to go to war.
CLOSE ON KATHLEEN - LOOKING AT THE COMPUTER KATHLEEN      (to herself)               The Godfather?
She starts to type. KATHLEEN (V.O.) (CONT'D)                What is it with men and The Godfather? JOE (V.O.)The Godfather is the I Ching. The           Godfather is the sum of all wisdom.                            
I Ching=Book of Changes=易経(五経の一つ。占いの理論と

            The Godfather is the answer to any             question.  What should I pack for my             summer vacation?  "Leave the gun,             take the cannoli."  What day of the             week is it? "Maunday,Tuesday, Thursday,
            Wednesday." And the answer to your
            question is "Go to the mattresses."


CAMERA ON KATHLEEN - CONSIDERING WHAT HE SAYS JOE (CONT'D)You're at war.  "It's not personal,             it's business.  It's not personal             it's business."  Recite that to             yourself every time you feel you're             losing your nerve.  I know you worry             about being brave, this is your             chance.  Fight.  Fight to the death. 103   INT. JOE'S APARTMENT - DAY                                  103    Patricia comes in as Joe is waiting for Kathleen's
response. PATRICIA      Look what I bought. Joe types "Ciao" and signs off.  Looks up to see
Patricia showing him a Plexiglas menorah.

sign off=締めくくる、終了する
          ドイツのRohm and Haas社のOtto RohmとOtto


               I was just passing this store on                Columbus Avenue and it caught my                eye. JOE      What is it? PATRICIA     A Menorah.
JOE      It doesn't look like a Menorah. PATRICIA     I know.  I don't know what came over              me.  I don't even celebrate Hanukkah. 104   INT. KATHLEEN'S BEDROOM - DAY                               104    As Kathleen logs off, Frank comes in.
KATHLEEN       Frank, I've decided to go to the                mattresses.  Do you think it would                be a gigantic conflict of interest                if you wrote something about us?


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