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2017年12月20日 (水)


124   EXT. FOXBOOKS - NIGHT                                       124   

As Joe and Kevin walk out of the store and start 
downtown. (=商業地区へ、市内へ)                            
KEVIN     I suppose she's carrying a copy of a                book with a flower in it. Joe doesn't say anything. KEVIN (CONT'D) Not really.                (=まさかね)                            
JOE      Really.
KEVIN     Which Jane Austen is it? JOE      Pride and Prejudice. KEVIN     She could be a real dog.                 (=ひどい代物)                                
JOE            I know.  Look, I'll just stay ten                minutes.  I'll say hello.  Drink a                cup of coffee and split.  I'm outta                here.             (=分かれる) He looks at Kevin. JOE (CONT'D)  Walk me there, okay?                
125   EXT. 83RD STREET - NIGHT                                    125    As the two men walk toward Cafe Lalo, the European
cafe on West 83rd Street.
JOE            What if she has a really high, squeaky                voice?  I hate that.  It reminds me                of those mice in Cinderella.
KEVIN          What mice in Cinderella? JOE            Gus-gus and oh shit, I can't remember                the other one.  Why am I compelled                to meet her?  I'm just ruining a                good thing.





be compelled to=~せざるを得ないような気持になる

KEVIN     You're taking it to the next level.                 I always do that.  I always take a                relationship to the next level, and                if it works okay I take it to the                next level after that, until I can                finally get to the level where it                becomes absolutely necessary for me                to leave. JOE      I'm not going to stay long anyway.                 I already said that, didn't I.                 Christ.  I'm a total wreck.

total wreck=まったく哀れなもの、無残な姿

      AS THEY REACH: 126   EXT. CAFE LALO - CONTINUOUS                                 126    Joe stops and looks at Kevin.
JOE            Kevin, this woman is the most adorable                creature I have ever come in contact                with.  If she turns out to be even                as good-looking as a mailbox, I will                be crazy not to turn my life upside                down and marry her.
turn my life upside down=人生を一変させる
I will be crazy not to~=~しなかったら気が狂って

KEVIN     She could be a real dog.                (=ひどい代物) JOE      (a total panic)                You go look.                                         KEVIN     Me?
JOE      Just go to the window and check her                out. KEVIN     You're pathetic.

Kevin goes to the window and looks inside. 127   EXT. CAFE LALO - NIGHT                                      127    Joe and Kevin in front. Kevin looks in the window. JOE      See her? KEVIN     There's a beautiful, whoa, a very                beautiful girl.

JOE            Yes.
KEVIN          But no book.  Let me see, let me                see...  Wait a minute.  There's a                book with a flower, so it must be                her.

let me see=ええっと

JOE            What does she look like?

KEVIN          There's a waiter blocking, I can't                see her face.  He's serving her a                cup of tea and she's putting in three                spoonfuls of sugar -- JOE            Well, why shouldn't she? KEVIN          No reason.  Unless she has                hypoglycemia.  Oh, he's moving.

JOE            Can you see her?

KEVIN     Yes. JOE      And? -- KEVIN     (clearly frustrated)                She's very pretty. JOE      She is.  I knew she would be.  She                had to be. KEVIN     She looks... I would say she has a                little of the coloring of that                Kathleen Kelly person. JOE      Kathleen Kelly of the bookstore. KEVIN     Why not?  You said you thought she                was attractive.

Why not=もちろんさ。

JOE      So what?  Who cares about Kathleen                Kelly?

So what?=それがどうした?
Who cares=知ったことではない、どうでもよい、知るか

KEVIN     Well, if you don't like Kathleen                Kelly, I can tell you right now you                ain't gonna like this girl.
ain't=are not
gonna=going to

JOE            Why not? KEVIN          Because it is Kathleen Kelly. Joe elbows Kevin aside and looks.     (=人を肘で押しのける)                            
JOE      Oh, God.
A long beat. KEVIN     What are you going to do? JOE      Nothing. KEVIN          You're going to let her just wait                there? JOE            Yes.  Yes I am.  That's exactly what                I'm going to do.  Why not? KEVIN          But she wrote the letters.
JOE            Good night, Kevin.  I'll see you                tomorrow. He walks away, leaving Kevin. Kevin stares after him.  Then he walks away in the other direction. 128   INT. CAFE LALO - CONTINUOUS                                 128    Kathleen, sitting alone, at a table for two, is drinking her tea.  She's starting to feel a little foolish.  She checks her watch. A loud, boisterous group comes in and sits at the table next to hers.  They're laughing.  A man from the group grabs the empty chair at Kathleen's table.

MAN            Do you mind?
Kathleen jumps up. KATHLEEN       Oh, yes.  I'm expecting someone.                 Please. She takes the chair back.  Sits down again.  She watches the group as they playfully fight over the menus.

take back=元の位置に戻す

She checks her watch again.  Then she opens her copy of Pride and Prejudice and looks at it.  She can't focus. A man comes into the restaurant and she looks up hopefully at him.  But he's going to meet another group of people. As he passes her table, he knocks the book and the flower onto the floor.
KATHLEEN (CONT'D)                Oh!

She jumps up and rescues the book and flower as if they were precious china. In the window, now, behind her, Joe appears.  He watches, as she rearranges the book and the flower. He disappears from sight. A beat... He walks in the door. JOE      Kathleen Kelly.  Hello.  What a                coincidence.  Mind if I sit down? KATHLEEN    Yes I do.  I'm expecting someone. Joe picks up her book, looks at it. JOE            Pride and Prejudice. Kathleen grabs it back. KATHLEEN   
  Do you mind?

She places it back on the table, puts the rose into it. JOE      I didn't know you were a Jane Austen                fan.  Not that it's a surprise.  I                bet you read it every year.  I bet                you just love Mr. Darcy, and that                your sentimental heart beats wildly                at the thought that he and whatever                her name is are really, honestly and                truly going to end up together.

Pride and Prejudice"『高慢と偏見』は、ジェーン・

[登場人物家系図] エリザベス・ベネット (Elizabeth Bennet)     主人公。五人姉妹の次女。容姿は平均的。知性と才気に
    している。愛称はリジー (Lizzy) 。 ジェーン ・ベネット(Jane Bennet)     五人姉妹の長女。温和でお人好しな美女。およそ人を
    疑った事のない純粋さの持ち主。 ビングリー氏 (Mr. Bingley)     ネザフィールド・パーク館に引っ越してきた独身の
    (Mrs. Hurst) という姉と妹数人がいる。 フィッツウィリアム・ダーシー (Fitzwilliam Darcy)     ビングリーの友人で、彼と共にネザフィールドに滞在。


KATHLEEN    Would you please leave? Joe sits down. KATHLEEN (CONT'D)                Please? JOE            I'll get up as soon as your friend                comes.  Is he late? KATHLEEN       The heroine of Pride and Prejudice                is Elizabeth Bennet and she's one of                the greatest, most complex characters                ever written, not that you would                know. JOE            As a matter of fact I've read it.
KATHLEEN       Well, good for you. JOE            I think you'd discover a lot of things                if you really knew me. KATHLEEN       If I really knew you, I know what I                would find -- instead of a brain, a                cash register, instead of a heart, a                bottom line.

bottom line=(決算書の)最後の行、収支決算、(計上された)純益、損失

Kathleen is shocked at herself. JOE            What is it? KATHLEEN       I just had a breakthrough, and I                have to thank you for it.  For the                first time in my life, when confronted                with a horrible, insensitive person                I actually knew what I wanted to say                and I said it.

JOE      I think you have a gift for it.  It                was a splendid mixture of poetry and                meanness.


KATHLEEN       Meanness?  Let me tell you -- JOE            Don't misunderstand me, I'm just                paying you a compliment.


He lifts the book off the table.  Kathleen grabs for it. KATHLEEN    Why are you doing this? She manages to get the book, leaving Joe with the rose.

JOE            What have we have?  A red, no, crimson                rose, tucked into the pages.                 Something you read about in a book,                no doubt.  One of those books with a                lady in a nightgown on the cover                about to throw herself off a cliff.

She holds her hand out for it. KATHLEEN       Give it to me. Joe puts it between his mouth and his nose like a mustache. JOE            It's a joke to you, isn't it?                 Everything's a joke to you. She grabs the rose.  Puts it back in the book. KATHLEEN       Please leave.  I beg you. He stands up, walks from the table, sits down at the very next table, with his back to her. The door to the restaurant opens.  Kathleen looks at it hopefully.  A pleasant looking man, who's immediately
joined by a pleasant looking woman.
For a moment, Kathleen looks just a little droopy,as if
the wind has just gone out of her sails.  She takes out
her compact, looks into her mirror.  She slides it over
to look behind her, at him, just as he's looking sideways
at her. He turns away suddenly.


Then she blots her lipstick with her handkerchief.


JOE            You know what the handkerchief reminds                me of?  The first day I met you -- KATHLEEN       The first day you lied to me -- JOE            I didn't lie to you -- KATHLEEN       You did too --

JOE            I did not --

KATHLEEN       I thought all that Fox stuff was so                charming.  F-O-X. JOE            I never lied about it -- KATHLEEN       "Joe.  Just call me Joe."  As if you                were one of those stupid 22-year-old                girls with no last name.  "Hi, I'm                Kimberley."  "Hi, I'm Janice."  What's                wrong with them?  Don't they know                you're supposed to have last names?                 It's like they're a whole generation

               of cocktail waitresses.

a whole generation=〔ある〕世代全ての人
cocktail waitress=〈米〉バーのホステス

She stops herself -- it's a tangent she never meant
to go off on.  But Joe has stood up and seated himself
back at her table.

go off on=(人)に怒りをぶつける[腹を立てる]

JOE      I am not a stupid 22-year-old girl -- KATHLEEN    That's not what I meant -- JOE            And when I said the thing about the                Price Club and cans of olive oil,                that wasn't what I meant either --

Price Club=プライスクラブ:米国の The Price Co. が

KATHLEEN       Oh, you poor sad multimillionaire.                 I feel so sorry for you.


The door opens and a large and very attractive
TRANSVESTITE in a boa comes in the door.


JOE            I am going to take a wild guess that                this isn't him, either.  Who is he,                I wonder.  Not, I gather, the world's                greatest living expert on Julius and                Ethel Rosenberg, but someone else                entirely.  Will you be you be mean                to him too?  Will you start out sweet                as sugar candy and then suddenly,                miraculously, like a bolt from the                blue, find that sharp little tongue                of yours?
wild guess=おおざっぱな推測                                                      (CONTINUED) gather=〔that以下だと〕推測[推量]する
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

start out=~し始める
bolt from the blue=青天のへきれき

KATHLEEN       No, I won't.  Because the man who's                coming here tonight is completely                unlike you.  The man who is coming                here is kind and funny -- he has the                most wonderful sense of humor -- JOE            But he's not here.
KATHLEEN       If he's not here, he has a reason,                because there is not a cruel or                careless bone in his body.  I can't                expect you to know anything about a                person like that.  You've nothing                but a suit.                      (=スーツ)

A beat.  Joe gets up. JOE            That is my cue.  Good night.

Joe leaves.


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