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2017年12月12日 (火)


105   INT. THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DAY                       105   

It's January.  The store is more crowded than 
we've seen it. Frank is there with several copies of the Independent.
The phone is ringing off the hook.  Christina and
George are fielding calls.  Birdie is reading Frank's

off the hook=〔固定電話機の受話器などが〕外れて

BIRDIE   (reading)            "Kathleen Kelly and her mother Cecilia             Kelly have raised your children.  If             this precious resource is killed by             the cold cash cow of Foxbooks, it             will not only be the end of Western             civilization as we know it, but the             end of something even dearer: our             neighborhood as we know it.  Save             the Shop Around the Corner and you             will save your own soul."  Frank,             that's charming.

cash cow=お金を産む牛、金になる乳牛、〔企業の〕もうかる

You think it's a little over the top?
over the top=おおげさすぎる
BIRDIE  Just say thank you. FRANK    Thank you. CHRISTINA(calling to Kathleen)              Channel 2's outside. 106   INT. BACK ROOM - THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER -

Kathleen is primping in a tiny wall mirror.  She
takes a deep breath.


KATHLEEN     In a second.
GEORGE   (from the other room)             The Village Voice is coming.

KATHLEEN   Omigod. Frank sticks his head in. FRANK     (in shock)           It's him. KATHLEEN     Who? FRANK     God. It is God. 107   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                    107    Kathleen comes out of the storage room. William Spungeon is standing there. WILLIAM SPUNGEON              I'm William Spungeon.
KATHLEEN     I'm very pleased to meet you.  I'm              Kathleen Kelly. Frank is practically levitating.


SPUNGEON   I knew your mother.  Although she               knew me only as W.  That enormous               bookstore is obscene. obscene=

FRANK     I'm Frank Navasky.  I carry your           picture in my wallet. He pulls it out.  Spungeon looks at him like he's
crazy. KATHLEEN     We've organized pickets.  Channel 13              is doing a special. SPUNGEON     I'd be glad to talk to the press if              it's all right with you.  They've              been trying to interview me for years. FRANK      The press?  I'm the press.
the press=新聞、雑誌、報道陣

KATHLEEN       You'd allow that?  For me?  For the                store?  That's incredible.  Although                you wouldn't have to be photographed.                 I respect that.  If it's television,                they could just put one of those                blurry dots in front of your face.


SPUNGEON    No television. CHRISTINA      (referring to the TV crew)                They're waiting for you --

FRANK      I know all your books.  Phaelox the            gnome, the little man who comes from            nowhere... and is going nowhere...            (quoting)            "Where did you come from?"  "Nowhere."            "Where are you going?"  "Nowhere."


SPUNGEON       Cool it.  I'm starting to break out                in hives.                     (to Kathleen)                Here's my phone number.

break out in hives=蕁麻疹が出る

KATHLEEN    I had no idea William Spungeon had a                phone. SPUNGEON       Adios. He gives a little wave and leaves.

give a wave=手を振る

FRANK   This is historic.            (beat)            Do you realize what I've done?  By            writing that piece, do you realize?             I've brought William Spungeon in            from the cold. Holy shit.  I am            completely amazing.

《the ~》〈卑俗〉〔ある種の中で〕最高の

At that moment a TV REPORTER sticks her head into
the store. TV REPORTER    Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen takes a deep breath, walks out the door.

      LATER              CHANNEL 2 TV REPORTER                Are you ready, Miss Kelly? KATHLEEN       Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Luca Brasi=ルカ・ブラージ(『ゴッドファーザー』の


CHANNEL 2 TV REPORTER                What? KATHLEEN       Never mind.  I'm ready.  Shoot.


109   INT. TELEVISION SCREEN - THAT NIGHT                         109    CHANNEL 2 TV REPORTER              We're here in front of the Shop Around              the Corner, the famous West Side              children's bookstore now on the verge              of having to close its doors because              the big bad wolf, Foxbooks, has opened              only a few hundred feet away, wooing              customers with its sharp discounts              and designer coffee.
on the verge of=今にも~しようとして

KATHLEEN     They have to have discounts and              lattes, because most of the people              who work there have never read a              book.

      エスプレッソコーヒー And pull back now to reveal that we're in:

110   INT. GYM - NIGHT                                            110    Five TV sets are on, over adjoining treadmills,
Joe and Kevin are on two of the treadmills, walking
and watching.

JOE     She's not as nice as she seems on television. KEVIN     You've met her? JOE     She's kind of a pill.


KEVIN      She's probably not as attractive as            she seems on television either.

JOE     No, she's beautiful.  But a pill. KEVIN      So you don't feel bad about basically            destroying her livelihood not to            mention her legacy not to mention            her raison d'etre. livelihood=
not to mention=
raison d'etre=〈フランス語〉レーゾンデートル、存在理由

It's not personal -- KEVIN    It's business. JOE      Right.  Exactly. They look up at the television. 111   INT. TELEVISION SCREEN - CONTINUOUS                         111    Joe onscreen, with a super: Joe Fox, Vice-President


JOE      I sell cheap books.  Sue me.  I sell          cheap books, and as a result -- listen          to this, because it's really bad -          more people can buy books.


The show immediately cuts back to the newscaster. On Joe and Kevin. KEVIN      That's what you said? JOE     (outraged)         That's not all I said.  I said -- I         can't believe those bastards -- I         said we were great, I said people         can come and sit and read for hours         and no one bothers them, I said we         stock 150,000 titles, I showed them         the New York City section.  I said         we were a goddamn piazza where people         could mingle and mix and be.

goddamn=[強意語として] 《口語》 ばかに,とても piazza=〔特にイタリアの都市の〕広場

KEVIN     A piazza?

JOE      I was eloquent.  Shit.  It's just          inevitable, isn't it?  People are          going to want to turn her into Joan          of Arc --

Joan of Arc=ジャンヌ・ダルク

KEVIN   -- and you into Attila the Hun.
Attila the Hun=アッティラ大王◆中央アジアの

JOE   Well it's not me personally, it's          more like it's the company -- KATHLEEN(on the television)                And I have to say, I have met Joe                Fox, who owns Foxbooks, and I have                heard him compared his store to a                Price Club and the books in it to                cans of olive oil.

Price Club=プライスクラブ、
米国の The Price Co.

On Joe, reacting. 112   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER                                 112    A small rally is taking place, with picket signs. 
Kathleen is standing on a small speaker's platform,
along with the Borough President.

Borough President=区長(Borough President,非公式の略称は

KATHLEEN       My mother used to say to me that                every book you sell is a gift from                the heart... 113   EXT. FOXBOOKS - DAY                                         113    As 20 CHILDREN march in front of the store, holding
little makeshift picket signs and singing songs.
"One, two, three, four, we don't want this Superstore."


Customers go right through the line and into the store.

114   INT. FOXBOOKS SUPERSTORE - DAY                              114    We can hear the pickets marching and singing outside--
although the store is full of customers anyway. The
Fox men -- Joe, Nelson and Schuyler -- are sitting in
the cafe.

Nelson is holding a copy of a weekly newspaper, which
has the old high-school yearbook picture of William
Spungeon on the front page and a headline: William
Spungeon Emerges from Hiding to Support Bookstore.

SCHUYLER      Who is this Spungeon anyway? JOE      He's a writer. NELSON      Well, I've never heard of him.  And             neither has anyone else in this place. 115   INT. TV SET - NIGHT                                         115    As we see SIDNEY-ANN STRONGIN, a young and attractive
PBS talk show hostess for a show called Inside Media. SIDNEY-ANN     The New York Literary world was                shocked this week when William                Spungeon, the most famously reclusive                author since J.D. Salinger, announced                that he was coming out of hiding                because of his loyalty to a small                children's bookstore on the West                Side of Manhattan.  Discussing this                tonight is a man I happen to think                of as one of this city's most                underappreciated assets, Frank                Navasky.

J.D. Salinger=ジェローム・デイヴィッド・サリンジャー


FRANK      Thank you.

SIDNEY-ANN     This all happened because of you,                didn't it -- FRANK      Well, I knew William Spungeon loved            children's books so I wrote a provocative
           column --


SIDNEY-ANN   Your specialty.                     (=専門、本職、得意)

Frank laughs.  Sidney-Ann laughs. FRANK      And it kind of smoked him out.

smoke out=

116   INT. KATHLEEN'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                             116   
As she and Frank watch the television show.
FRANK ON TELEVISION                Technologically speaking, the world's                out of hand.  Take the VCR.  The                whole idea of a VCR is that it makes                it possible for you to tape what's                on television while you're out of                the house.  But the whole point of                being out of the house is so you can                miss what's on television.  Radio.                 Now there's a medium I can get behind.

out of hand=手に負えなくて
get behind=~を後援[支持]する

SIDNEY-ANN ON TELEVISION                Well, we're on television... and                you're good at it. FRANK ON TELEVISION                Thank you. Another little moment between them. SIDNEY-ANN ON TELEVISION                The bookstore.  Tell us about it. FRANK ON TELEVISION                Are you planning to collect radios? SIDNEY-ANN ON TELEVISION                Do you think I should?
FRANK ON TELEVISION                The Shop Around the Corner is a true                New York treasure. SIDNEY-ANN ON TELEVISION                As are you.  I'd love to have you                back. FRANK ON TELEVISION                Any time.  Are we done? SIDNEY-ANN ON TELEVISION                Not at all.
FRANK ON TELEVISION                Because I just want to say that the                only show I do watch is yours. KATHLEEN    (appalled)
               (=がくぜんとする)                Omigod. FRANK     Hey, I was just being polite.  Okay,                I admit, I slobbered all over her. slobber=よだれを垂らす、だらしなくやる

The show continues.




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