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2017年12月 6日 (水)


79   INT. FOXBOOKS SUPERSTORE - DAY                                79   

The inside is beautiful.  Gleaning staircase, a cafe, 
comfortable chairs to sit, a bank of cashiers,
everyone decked out in gray alligator shirts with
a fox where the alligator should be, a rope for
the checkout line, and seven cash registers with
seven cashiers.  Of course, books, books, books,
as far as the eye can see.

deck out=特に華々しく魅力的に見えるために、特別な服を



          転換法》. 80   INT. SAME SCENE - LATER THAT DAY                              80   
The store is jam-packed. Joe with his father Nelson,
his grandfather Schuyler, and Kevin, the store

JOE     No pickets, no demonstrations.


KEVIN     The neighborhood loves us. NELSON    They're wondering where we've been           all these years.  They're wondering           how they ever did without it. SCHUYLER    It's a hit. They admire their own store, walk through the
downstairs and start up the staircase to the second


NELSON  How's the children's book department?


JOE    It's early yet.  School isn't out.         And there's that children's bookstore        nearby --

SCHUYLER    Cecilia's store -- JOE    Her daughter's -- NELSON     We'll crush it -- SCHUYLER    She was enchanting.

And as they walk on upstairs, several mothers
with children come up the stairs behind them. 81   EXT. BROADWAY - MORNING                                       81    A little group of children dressed as Pilgrims
walk down the street as Kathleen comes around
the corner to buy her morning paper.  Joe is at
the newsstand.  She turns and pretends to be
staring at a wall until he finishes buying his
paper and walks on.





KATHLEEN (V.O.)I don't think it's a good idea for 
               us to meet...


Joe is putting sugar into his coffee at the sugar
counter as
Kathleen comes in.  He pretends he
didn't see her.
KATHLEEN     I love our relationship.  There's a              lot going on in the day-to-dayness              of my life and there's something              magical...


83   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DUSK                            83    We see Kathleen and George at the end of the day,
counting the receipts. Birdie is using a calculator
to total them. Christina is shelving books. There are Thanksgiving decorations -- cardboard turkeys and pilgrims,
books on colonists like Myles Standish.

Myles Standish=マイルス・スタンディッシュ
             (英: Myles Standish、1584年頃 -

KATHLEEN     ... and thrilling about this island              in cyberspace I have with you.  SO              PLEASE DON'T ASK ME AGAIN. BIRDIE     About $1200 less than the same week            last year.
KATHLEEN     That could be a fluke, right?

They look at each other.

BIRDIE   Or not.

KATHLEEN     Their store is new.  It's a novelty.               But it will all shake out.  Do you                think I should put up more twinkle                lights?
shake out=振って空にする

BIRDIE   That's a lovely idea. CHRISTINA     What if we have to fold?  I'll never               find another part time job and I               won't be able to pay the rent and               I'll have to move to Brooklyn.


GEORGE   The joy of rent control.  Six room            for $450 a month.

rent control=家賃統制

CHRISTINA   We know.  You've told us a million               times.  I can't believe you're               bringing it up at a time like this.                It's like bragging because you're               tall.  Birdie never brags about her               rent and she pays even less than               you.

BIRDIE     Ten rooms.  I just rattle around            from one to the other.

KATHLEEN     Hey, guys. We are not going to fold. The door opens, and Meredith Carter, the woman
George had swooned over in front of his building,
walks in. swoon over=うっとりする

George stares, frozen in place, as she walks up
to him. MEREDITH   George Pappas? GEORGE   (I have died and gone to heaven)             Yes. MEREDITH   (flashing her badge)                Detective Carter, 23rd precinct.                 I'd like to ask you a few questions.
precinct=区域 Kathleen suddenly sees George, following Meredith
out of the store.  He's in a complete daze.

in a daze=ぼーっとして

KATHLEEN   George?  Where are you going? He goes out the door. LAURA MARGULIES, a well-known children's book author,
enters as George leaves. LAURA     Kathleen, are you surviving? KATHLEEN    Laura!  We're so excited about your             new book.  When should we schedule             your signing? LAURA     Oh, it's being published in January.            Are you going to be in business in           January?  I'm so worried. KATHLEEN    We're doing great, aren't we? CHRISTINA    Great. BIRDIE     No difference whatsoever. LAURA     Thank God.  Well, you know you can           count on me.  For anything, support,           rallies.  Picket lines.  We can get           the Times to write something.  Or           that nut in the Independent --

For anything=何があっても

KATHLEEN     What nut in the Independent?

LAURA   Frank Navasky.  This is just the            sort of thing that would outrage            him.


She smiles brightly. 84   INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAY                                        84    George and Meredith are sitting in a booth.

MEREDITH  Mr. Pappas, I'm investigating the             murder of the woman found on the             roof of your building.  Do you live             alone there? GEORGE   Do I live alone?  Yes I do.  Do you             live alone? MEREDITH    Yes. George takes her hand in his and looks at it as if
it were the eighth wonder of the world.  He starts
stroking it, caressing it...


Meredith pulls it away.  A beat.  Then she gives it
right back to him.  He continues stroking.  They
stare at each other.  He puts her fingers into his
mouth. MEREDITH (CONT'D)              (overwhelmed)
             What are you doing? GEORGE   I don't know.  I have no idea.
MEREDITH  You have to stop. GEORGE   I can't. She utters a little moan. 85   INT. GEORGE'S APARTMENT - A SHORT WHILE LATER                 85   
They come into the apartment.  She throws herself
into his arms. 86   EXT. RIVERSIDE DRIVE PARK - DAY                               86    As Christina runs, desperately trying to make eye
contact with men running in the opposite direction. 
No one will look at her.


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