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THE ELEVATOR OPENS ONTO: 68   INT. VINCE MANCINI'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                        68    A publication party for an author named VINCE MANCINI.
A mix of book people, journalists and various other
media folk. FRANK    Hey, Vince.  Congratulations.  You know
         Kathleen Kelly. VINCE    How are you?

FRANK    Guess who I saw today on the subway?           William Spungeon. VINCE    I thought he was in Mexico. They start chatting. Across the room, Joe is with Patricia, who is telling
two other people the story of meeting the rabbi in
the taxicab. Joe looks over and sees Kathleen.  He suddenly looks
stricken. Shifts his position so Kathleen can't see his face,
but sneaks a look.     (=盗み見る)
PATRICIA   Would you get me another drink,sweetie?
       I'm all out.              (continues chattering)              So then the rabbi says, "It's a very              good place to calm down."  Isn't that
             hysterical?              (=

They all laugh.  Joe moves over to the bar. JOE          Absolut on the rocks.

Absolut=Absolut Vodka(アブソルートウォッカ、世界で

As he is waiting, Kathleen comes up next to him. KATHLEEN   A white wine, please.              (very friendly)              Oh, hello. JOE     Hi.

KATHLEEN    Remember me, from the bookstore? JOE     Of course I remember you. KATHLEEN  How's your aunt? JOE   Good.  She's good.         (gets his drink)         I have to deliver this.  I have a         very thirsty date.  She's part camel. Kathleen laughs. KATHLEEN    Joe.  It's Joe, isn't it? JOE     And you're Kathleen. Joe vanishes into the party. 69   INT. VINCE MANCINI'S APARTMENT - NIGHT -
     A MINUTE LATER      

VINCE   I can't believe you were talking to         Joe Fox.

KATHLEEN    Joe Fox?  As in -- She can't even finish the sentence. 70   INT. VINCE MANCINI'S APARTMENT -
     A COUPLE OF MINUTES LATER       Joe is standing at a table of food, his back to
the room. KATHLEEN    Fox?  Your last name is Fox? Joe spins around, looks at her. JOE     F-O-X.
KATHLEEN    God, I didn't realize.  I didn't             know who you --             (she trails off)                  (=声がだんだん小さくなる)

JOE  -- were with.        (quoting)        "I didn't know who you were with."


KATHLEEN     Excuse me? JOE    It's from the Godfather.  When the        movie producer realizes that Tom        Hagen is the emissary of Vito Corleone --

Vito Corleone=『ゴッドファーザー』に登場する

Kathleen is staring at him. JOE (CONT'D)          -- just before the horse's head ends          up in his bed never mind -- KATHLEEN   You were spying on me, weren't you?               You probably rented those children. JOE     Why would I spy on you? KATHLEEN     I am your competition.  Which you              know perfectly well or you would not              have put up that sign saying "Just              around the Corner." JOE     The entrance to our store is around         the corner.  There is no other way         to say it.  It's not the name of our         store, it's where it is.  You don't         own "around the corner." KATHLEEN     Next thing you'll be using twinkle              lights. JOE     Twinkle lights? KATHLEEN     Little white Christmas lights that              twinkle.  I use them in my window              and on all my displays, as if you              didn't notice.

JOE     Look, the reason I came into your store
        is that I was spending the day with
        Annabel and Matt.  I like to buy them
        a present when I see them because I'm
        one of those guys who likes to buy his
        way into the hearts of children who are
        his relatives. There was only one place
        to buy children's books in the
        neighborhood --         although that will not always be the         case, and it was yours, and it is a
        charming little bookstore. You probably
        sell $250,000 worth of book a year --

buy one's way into=

KATHLEEN     How do you know that? JOE     I'm in the book business. KATHLEEN     I'm in the book business -- JOE     Oh, I see, and we're the Price Club.          Only instead of a ten-gallon can of         olive oil for $3.99 that won't even         fit into your kitchen cabinet, we're         selling cheap books.  Me a spy.         (beat)         Absolutely.  And I managed to get my         hands on a secret printout of the         sales figures of a bookstore so         inconsequential and yet full of its         own virtue that I was instantly         compelled to rush over and check it         out for fear it would drive me out         of business --

get my hands on=手に入れる

rush over=駆け寄る

Kathleen stares at him.  She's speechless. JOE (CONT'D) What?               (off her look)               What? Kathleen shakes her head. Frank turns up. FRANK   Hi.  I'm Frank Navasky --

JOE   -- Joe Fox. FRANK  Joe Fox?  Inventor of the Superstore,          enemy of the mid-list novel, destroyer          of City Books -- tell me something:          How do you sleep at night?

Patricia joins them. PATRICIA     I use a wonderful over-the-counter              drug, Ultrasom.  Don't take the whole              thing, just half, and you will wake              up without even that tiniest hangover.               You're Frank Navasky, aren't you?


FRANK   Yes.
PATRICIA   Your last piece in the Independent,              the one about Anthony Powell, was              brilliant.  I'm Patricia Eden, Eden              Books.  Joe, this man is the greatest              living expert on Julius and Ethel              Rosenberg --

the Independent=
トム・オライリー(Tony O'Reilly)の所有
                するIndependent News & Media社によって

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

JOE       And this is Kathleen Kelly -- Kathleen glares at him.


FRANK   You liked my piece.  God, I'm            flattered.  You know you write these            things and you think someone's going            to mention them and then the whole            week goes by and the phone doesn't            ring, and you think Oh, God, I'm a            fraud, a failure --

be flattered=嬉しい

PATRICIA   You know what's always fascinated me              about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg is              how old they looked when they were              really just our age.


Everyone is stopped dead by this observation and looks at Patricia, who smiles at them all.

PATRICIA (CONT'D)(to Frank)              I'm so happy to have finally met              you.  We will talk.  Have you ever              thought about doing a book? FRANK   Oh sure, it's passed through my head.            Something really relevant for today                like the Luddite movement in 19th                century England.

relevant for=~に適している、~に関わりのある、

AT THE SAME TIME: JOE         Patricia -- KATHLEEN    Frank --




2017年11月27日 (月)


57   EXT. KATHLEEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             57   

     Frank comes up the stoop.


58   INT. KATHLEEN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             58    Kathleen is dressed up for a party. Frank walks in, looks meaningfully at her. FRANK      I saw him.  I actually saw him. KATHLEEN   Who? FRANK      I can't believe it.  I saw William            Spungeon. KATHLEEN   I thought he was in Mexico. FRANK      Maybe he's in Mexico, but today he            was in New York.  The most brilliant            and reclusive novelist in the history            of the world is here, in this            neighborhood.  He may be living on            this very block.


KATHLEEN   Where did you see him? FRANK      I was on the subway -- 59   INT. SUBWAY - DAY                                             59    FRANK (V.O.)-- and this musician got onto the                train -- Frank is sitting on the subway, reading the Village

Village Voice=アメリカの文化を紹介する週刊誌、

The door between the cars opens and a man playing
the clarinet enters the car. No one looks up except Frank. FRANK (V.O.) (CONT'D)              -- and I suddenly saw him, sitting              directly across from me doing the              crossword puzzle.
KATHLEEN (V.O.)              How'd you know it was him? FRANK (V.O.) He looked exactly the same as his              high school yearbook picture, which              happens to be the last photograph              ever taken of him. Frank takes out his billfold on the subway, pulls
out a piece of paper.


CLOSE UP - FOLDED PIECE OF PAPER As Frank unfolds a newspaper clipping of a yearbook

picture of William Spungeon at 17.

yearbook (高校・大学の)卒業アルバム

Frank compares the photo of Spungeon with the person
sitting across the way.  They don't look
alike except that the boy in the picture and the man
on the subway are both wearing the same style glasses.


The subway stops at 79th Street, and William Spungeon
gets off.

Frank follows.
60   EXT. BROADWAY - CONTINUOUS                                    60    As Frank comes out of the subway station and looks
around. FRANK    So I followed him. Frank sees Spungeon cross 79th.  He follows. 61   EXT. H&H BAGELS - CONTINUOUS                                  61    Frank follows Spungeon, who hurries into H&H Bagels
passing a HOMELESS MAN holding a paper cup at the
door. FRANK (V.O.) He went into H&H and bought a bagel               with everything. 62   EXT. H&H BAGELS - A MINUTE LATER                              62    As Spungeon leaves the store, passing the paper cup,
which we now realize that Frank, in dark glasses,
is holding. Spungeon drops his newspaper in a garbage container. FRANK (V.O.)  He dropped his crossword into the               garbage and I rescued it. Frank plucks the puzzle from the trashcan, follows


63   INT. SPORTING GOOD STORE - CONTINUOUS                         63    Spungeon at the counter in the shoe store.
FRANK (V.O.) Then he went into a sporting good              store and bought tube socks, 6 pair              for $7.99.

tube socks=チューブソックス(踵も前後もないソックス)

We see Frank, peeking out at him from behind a stack
of running pants. Suddenly he's distracted by a
couple of joggers.


KATHLEEN (V.O.)William Spungeon and tube socks.

FRANK (V.O.) I know.I don't want to dwell on it.

dwell on=思い続ける、くどくど話す   

Frank looks back at the counter.  Spungeon's gone. FRANK (V.O.) (CONT'D)              And then I lost him. 64   INT. KATHLEEN'S APARTMENT - THAT NIGHT 

Frank waves the crossword puzzle in front of Kathleen.

FRANK    Do you know what this is worth? He takes an empty instant-frame from the closet,
puts the puzzle into it and sets it next to the
typewriters. 65   INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT - NIGHT                              65    As the two of them eat dinner. FRANK      What I was thinking as I was trailing            him was that eventually I would have            the courage to say hello to him, you            know, not in a horrible, intrusive            or slavering fan-slash-acolyte kind            of way, but more like, "Hi."  "How            ya doing?"

intrusive=侵入的な、でしゃばりの、じゃまをする                                                        (CONTINUED) slash=一撃、深傷(ふかで)

FRANK (CONT'D)           "Have you ever thought about trading           up in the sock area?"  Who knows,            maybe he's read my work -- and then            we'd become friends, and eventually            I'd introduce him to you -- you know            how much he loves children's books,            there's a whole long section in            Relativity's Smile about The Wizard            of Oz -- and then maybe he'd come            out of hiding so he could help save            the store.

trade up=

Who knows=ひょっとしたら                         

What are you talking about?
FRANK   From Foxbooks.  I mean, if things            got tough, he could help rally support --

rally support=支援を集める

KATHLEEN   It's never going to get to that.                The store is fine. 66   EXT. STREET - NIGHT                                           66    As they walk along after dinner. FRANK     I don't even know why you would say           that. KATHLEEN  Neither do I.  It just flew out of             my mouth. FRANK   There's enough business for us all. 67   INT. ELEVATOR - NIGHT                                         67    As they go up in an elevator. KATHLEEN   I mean, we're fine. FRANK   You're more than fine, you're            absolutely fine. KATHLEEN      We're fine.




2017年11月26日 (日)


53   INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY                                         53   

Someplace like the auditorium at the Museum of
Broadcasting. PATRICIA EDEN, Joe's girlfriend, who is the
editor-in-chief of a New York publishing house
called Eden Books, is standing at a podium at
a sales conference.  In the audience are sales reps, wholesalers, etc.  There's a screen behind
her with pictures of the authors being flashed
on it as she speaks.

PATRICIA     And now, the book you've all been              waiting for, the book it's been my              dreams to publish.  The legendary              Veronica Grant has written her memoirs --

There's a burst of applause as a photograph of
Veronica Grant flashes on screen.


PATRICIA (CONT'D)               -- and I'm happy to report it is               just crammed with tragedy.               (she laughs gaily)               Just kidding, but seriously, it's               all here: poverty, addiction, divorce,               tracheotomies --


We see pictures of Veronica at eight with her
sharecropper family, Veronica at 14 with her first
child, Veronica with a series of husbands, Veronica
in a wheelchair, etc.


PATRICIA (CONT'D)                -- her third husband beat her up,                hip replacement, and an amazing face                lift where all the injected fat fell                to her chin.

beat up=(たたいて)ひどい目にあわす
hip replacement=

Now we see a blow-up of the book's jacket, with
a picture of Veronica on it and the title:
"Am I Rising from Ashes, or Did I Just Forget to Dust?"


PATRICIA (CONT'D)              This book is fabulous.  And even if              it weren't, it would sell like crazy,              because Veronica is going to plug it              to death on every talk show in America.
             This book...


Patricia bursts into tears. PATRICIA (CONT'D)              I'm sorry.  I can't talk about it              without crying.  Veronica and I have              so much in common -- well, not all              the sad parts -- but we were both              famous by the time we were 29 and,              believe me, that's rough.              (wipes her nose with a Kleenex, pulling               herself together)              Anyway, I just want to say that I'm              especially thrilled to be publishing              it.  Veronica lives in my building              and we met in the elevator.  By the              time we had traveled from the eighth              floor to the first, we had a deal.               First printing: one million copies.

pull oneself together=気を取り直す

Everyone applauds enthusiastically.




54   INT. AUDITORIUM LOBBY - A SHORT WHILE LATER                   54    Patricia is leaving, still surrounded by colleagues
and sales reps congratulating her.  She is the soul
of graciousness.


Her assistant, Sarah, comes up. SARAH(quickly)           You have a dentist appointment in twenty
      minutes.  So you should leave soon... PATRICIA     What's my car number? SARAH     Car?  You didn't say anything about           a car -- PATRICIA    Are you an idiot?  Of course I need             a car.  God! She walks toward the exit.

55   EXT. 57TH STREET - CONTINUOUS                                 55    Patricia in the pouring rain, trying to hail a cab.
She spots one across the street.


PATRICIA     Taxi!  Taxi!  Taxi! She whistles -- a longshoreman's whistle.


The cab makes a U-turn, but instead of stopping
for Patricia it stops about twenty feet ahead for
a MAN in an overcoat who gets into it. PATRICIA (CONT'D)
             Excuse me -- what are you doing?               This is my taxicab.              (to the driver)              Don't take him.  I am telling you              right now, and I am memorizing your              number, don't take him.              (to the man)              Who the fuck do you think you are? MAN IN OVERCOAT              Are you going uptown?


             Get in.  I'll drop you.

56   INT. TAXI - A MINUTE LATER                                    56   

As the cab turns onto Eighth Avenue, starts uptown.
Patricia is dialing her cell phone. She's elaborately ignoring the man who stole her cab.

PATRICIA  Veronica, it's Patricia, you should              have been there, it was unbelievable,              we're going to sell truckloads of              your book.  Call me. She hangs up, folds up the phone, puts it back in
her purse as the cab moves on. MAN IN OVERCOAT                Are you an editor? PATRICIA   Yes.

MAN IN OVERCOAT                I am a rabbi.


PATRICIA     Oh, my God, I said fuck to a rabbi.               I'm sorry. MAN IN OVERCOAT              I hope you don't mind my asking, but              are you Jewish? PATRICIA     Yes. MAN IN OVERCOAT              You should come to our temple. PATRICIA     I'm not really religious. MAN IN OVERCOAT              Oh, I am surprised, you seem like a              very religious person. PATRICIA     You're kidding, right? MAN IN OVERCOAT
             We are at West End Avenue and 83rd

             Street.  Every Friday night, we have              a joyous time, everyone dancing,              everyone singing.  Also some wisdom.               Perhaps you have heard of us, we are              known as The Singles Temple.
              He smiles at her. MAN IN OVERCOAT (CONT'D)              It's a very good place to calm down. The cab stops. MAN IN OVERCOAT (CONT'D)              Oh, look, I am already here.  Very              nice to meet you.              (gives the cabbie money)              Take this woman to her destination. He gets out.  Closes the door.  A beat too late: PATRICIA     Goodbye.


2017年11月25日 (土)


50   EXT. KATHLEEN'S STORE - DAY                                   50   

As Joe, Annabel and Matt walk past. There's some sort
of toy miniature princess in a pointed hat sitting
outside the store and a sign lit with twinkle lights:
  Storybook Lady   today 3:30.




51   INT. KATHLEEN'S STORE - DAY                                   51    Kathleen is sitting on a stool reading to a group of
CHILDREN, including Annabel and Matt, who are crammed
into her store.


Joe is watching, along with some PARENTS as Kathleen
reads from a Roald Dahl book. 52   INT. KATHLEEN'S STORE - LATER                                 52    Matt is sitting on the floor reading a book.
Kathleen is showing Annabel a copy of a book called


KATHLEEN    This is her best friend Tacy, whose             real name is Anastasia, and then in             the next book Betsy and Tacy become             friends with Tib, whose real name, I             am sorry to tell you, is Thelma. In another section of the store: George is showing Joe a first edition of Swiss Family
from the glass case.


GEORGE    The illustrations are hand-tipped, which
          is why -- JOE     It costs so much.

GEORGE    It's why it's worth so much.

Joe smiles and turns to see Kathleen and Annabel
at a whole shelf of Betsy-Tacy books. ANNABEL   I want all of them.

KATHLEEN   That might be an awful lot for your
           dad to buy at one time. 

ANNABEL    My dad gets me all the books I want.

KATHLEEN    (looking over at Joe)

            Well, that's very nice of him.

ANNABEL    That's not my dad.  That's my nephew --

KATHLEEN    Oh, I don't really think that's your             nephew -- 

As Joe approaches.

JOE     It's true.  Annabel is my aunt.          Aren't you, Aunt Annabel? 

Annabel nods solemnly. ANNABEL    And Matt is --

KATHLEEN    Let me guess.             (to Matt)             Are you his uncle?

MATT      No.

KATHLEEN    His grandfather?

Annabel and Matt start giggling. 



            His great-grandfather? MATT     (shouting with glee)          I'm his brother. 


JOE    Annabel is my grandfather's daughter.
       And Matt is my father's son.  We are an
       American family.

He smiles at Kathleen, who finds herself smiling

Annabel suddenly sneezes. Kathleen takes a handkerchief from her sleeve. It's
an old fashioned hankie that's embroidered.


She offers it to Annabel, who instead wipes her nose
her hand and then looks at the handkerchief,
a little puzzled.

ANNABEL    What is that? KATHLEEN    A handkerchief.  Oh my, do children             not even know what handkerchiefs are?
            A handkerchief is a Kleenex you don't
            throw away.  My mother embroidered it
            for me -- you see?              My initials and a daisy, because
            daisies are my favorite flower. ANNABEL    Orchids are my favorite flower.


(to Joe)
You know what else children don't
know?  They don't know what a                           telephone booth is?

Joe is looking at Kathleen.

Who are you?

KATHLEEN     Kathleen Kelly.  I own this store.               And you are? JOE      Joe.  Just call me Joe.          (quickly)          We'll take these books. He gets the one Matt is reading.  And the two other
Kathleen has gotten for Annabel. KATHLEEN     These are wonderful books.  As Annabel              gets older the characters in the              books do, too.              (to Annabel)              You can grow up with Betsy. GEORGE     You're going to come back again,            aren't you? JOE      Of course.

GEORGE     This is why we're never going to go
           under. Our customers are loyal.

go under=(商売などで)失敗する、破産する

KATHLEEN     (by way of explanation)              They're opening a Foxbooks around              the corner. ANNABEL     Foxbooks!  My Daddy -- JOE     (gently putting his hand over her mouth)          -- likes to buy at discount.  Don't          tell anyone that, Annabel, it's          nothing to be proud of -- MATT     (spelling)          F-O-X. KATHLEEN     That's amazing.  You can spell fox.               Can you spell dog? MATT      F-O-X. JOE     Matt, look at this dinosaur book.          Wouldn't you like a dinosaur book?          Annabel, maybe you could read this         to Matt while I wrap things up here.         (moves them to a corner, to them          quickly)         Sit down, read, and don't listen to         anything I say. Returns to counter and gives Kathleen some cash. JOE (CONT'D) And the dinosaur book too. KATHLEEN     The world is not driven by discounts,              believe me.  I've been in business              forever.  I started helping my mother              here after school when I was six              years old.  

KATHLEEN     I used to watch her, and it wasn't
             that she was selling books, it was              that she was helping people become              whoever they were going to turn out              to be.  When you read a book as a              child it becomes part of your identity              in a way that no other reading in              your life does.              (stops herself)              I guess I've gotten carried away.

carry away=われを忘れさせる,〈人を〉夢中にする,
           興奮させる JOE     You have, and you've made me feel... He can't finish the sentence.  He looks at her
and sees, behind her on the shelf, a picture of
a woman who is unmistakably Kathleen's mother,
with a young Kathleen. JOE (CONT'D)  Enchanting, your mother was               enchanting. KATHLEEN      She was.  How did you know that? JOE     Lucky guess.         (=まぐれあたり)

KATHLEEN   Anyway.  She left the store to me,               and I'm going to leave it to my               daughter. JOE     How old is your daughter now? KATHLEEN     Oh, I'm not married. But eventually. She smiles at Joe... KATHLEEN (CONT'D)              So Foxbooks can... KATHLEEN AND GEORGE TOGETHER              Go to hell. KATHLEEN     (handing him his books)               Here you go. JOE    We ready? Annabel and Matt join him at the counter. 
Kathleen gives them each a lollipop. ANNABEL    Bye, Kathleen. KATHLEEN    Goodbye, Annabel.  Bye, Matt. 
            What about cat?  Can you spell cat? MATT     F-O-X.


まあ、まだ何とかキャサリンはジョーがFOX BOOKSの



48   EXT. 19TH STREET BOAT BASIN - ANOTHER DAY                     48   

Joe is on his sailboat. He is polishing his brass and


            Joe -- Joe jumps off the boat onto the dock to greet his
grandfather's daughter ANNABEL, 8, who is coming
toward the dock with GILLIAN, his father's
overdecorated 32-year-old fiance, her son, MATTHEW,
4, and the Nanny, MAUREEN.

JOE    Hello.
       (picks up Annabel)        Annabel, how are you today?

ANNABEL    Great.

JOE     (picks up Matt)
        Hey, big guy --

GILLIAN    Don't I get a hello?

JOE    Hello, Gillian. GILLIAN    Kiss me.  I'm going to be your wicked




Joe gives her a peck on the cheek.


JOE    Who is this?

GILLIAN     Nanny Maureen. I brought her in case
            you couldn't handle the kids. ANNABEL     Maureen's getting a divorce.

JOE    I'm sorry to hear that.

MAUREEN     It's my own fault.  Never marry a
            man who lies.

JOE    That is so wise.  Remember that, Annabel.

ANNABEL     She taught Matt to spell his name.

MATT   Fox. F-O-X.

JOE    Excellent, Matt.
       (to Maureen)
       Good work.  You can have the day off.
       I'll take over from here.
       (to Gillian)        You must be late for something.
       Volunteer work at the Henry Street
       Settlement. Packing bandages for        Bosnian refugees. A course in Chinese        literature at Columbia.


GILLIAN   I am. I'm having my eggs harvested.


49   EXT. STREET FAIR - DAY                                        49    There's a block street fair with little booths,
sausage sandwich concessions,etc. Annabel and Matt
have been to the makeup booth.  Annabel is a cat
and Matt is a pirate.


Annabel is carrying a goldfish in a baggie as they
walk toward Broadway.



2017年11月24日 (金)


47   INT. DRIP - DAY                                               47   

Drip is a cafe on Amsterdam Avenue with Fifties-
style couches and chairs in cozy seating
arrangements.  Kathleen is standing at the front
counter with Christina, getting drinks.

I went to the Foxbooks Website and               you can buy anything.  They ship it               to you in a day.  Maybe we should               get a website. KATHLEEN      My mother would never have wanted us               to have a website.  "Every book you               sell is a gift from your heart."                She always said that.
As they walk toward the back of the cafe, Kathleen
notices a stack of loose-leaf binders on the table.

CHRISTINA   What if they put us out of business?

KATHLEEN   It's out of the question.  We're a               fixture in the neighborhood.  We're               practically a landmark.               (indicating the binders)               Men For Women, Women for Men, Women               for Women -- what is this?


CHRISTINA     You fill out one of these forms and               they file it in the book and if               someone wants to meet you, they               arrange it.

KATHLEEN      What a stupid way to meet someone.

CHRISTINA     Compared to the Internet?

KATHLEEN      My little thing on the Internet is               just a lark.


CHRISTINA     So it's still going on? KATHLEEN      And I do not plan to meet him.               (indicating the book)               Why do I get the feeling that you               are in here somewhere? Christina flips the book open to her application.


CHRISTINA     I came in here one night and drank               too much coffee and filled one out.               (off Kathleen's look)               Well how am I supposed to meet               someone?

how am I supposed to=どうやって~すればいいのか

KATHLEEN   You are a runner.  Some day you will               make eye contact with another runner               and --

CHRISTINA   No one ever even looks at me.  They               don't.  On top of which, who are               they?  They could like the symphony.                I could never fall in love with               someone who likes to go to the               symphony --

KATHLEEN      I know. What are you supposed to do               there? CHRISTINA     I don't know.

KATHLEEN      Sit.  You're supposed to sit. CHRISTINA     I could never fall in love with anyone               who smokes cigars either.

KATHLEEN      I'll tell you what I hate. Big fat               legs like stumps.


CHRISTINA   Yeah.  I hate that too. KATHLEEN      The worst, the worst -- I could never,               under any circumstances,love anybody               who had a sailboat. CHRISTINA     Neither could I.

KATHLEEN      If I had to get up on Saturday morning               knowing that I was about to go down               to the pier and unravel all those               ropes and put on all that sunblock --


CHRISTINA   All that talk about the wind. KATHLEEN       And then you have to go out on the                boat, and you sail and sail and sail                until you are bored witless, and                then, only then, do they say, let's                turn around and you realize the trip                is only half over, only it's not,                because the wind has changed --

witless=愚かな、ばかな                                     p. 30
CHRISTINA      It hasn't changed.  It's died. KATHLEEN       So then there's more talk about the                wind.  While you just float up and                down trying not to get nauseous.                 And when you finally get back, you                have to clean up the boat.


CHRISTINA      Why don't people have boat maids? KATHLEEN       I know.  There're all these people                who wouldn't be caught dead polishing                a doorknob in their house but put                them on a boat and they want to rub                down everything in sight.




2017年11月23日 (木)


42   INT. KATHLEEN'S APARTMENT - DUSK                              42   

Kathleen in the kitchen, unloading groceries. 
Frank is standing there, plugging in an Olympia
Report deluxe Electric typewriter.


FRANK    When you are finished with Foxbooks,          the Shop Around the Corner is going          to be responsible for reversing the          entire course of the Industrial          Revolution.


KATHLEEN  That is so sweet, Frank.  Thank
      you. That is so sweet. FRANK   Hey --
He holds his arms out.  They hug. KATHLEEN   Although... FRANK    What? KATHLEEN  (over his shoulder,she notices the            typewriter, breaks from the hug)            What is that doing there? FRANK    Listen to it.  Just listen-- He strikes a key.  Practically swoons.


FRANK (CONT'D) The Olympia Report deluxe
               Electric Report. As in gunshot.
KATHLEEN    That sound is familiar. FRANK    Now listen to this. He puts his ear to the typewriter. Kathleen listens too.

KATHLEEN    That whirring?


FRANK    The gentle and soothing lullaby of a          piece of machinery so perfect --


KATHLEEN  I know where I've heard it before.              I know. She whips a cover off the other typewriter on
the table. It's the same machine exactly. FRANK  I needed a backup.


KATHLEEN    Don't you have another one at your             apartment?

FRANK    I might, I might.  So what?
KATHLEEN    You're turning my apartment into a             typewriter museum. FRANK    I'll stop.  I'll try.  I probably          can't.  I see one and my knees go          weak.  Anyway, what were you starting          to say?



FRANK    Before.

KATHLEEN   Nothing.

FRANK    Come on. KATHLEEN   I don't know.  I was just wondering            about my work and all.  I mean, what            is it I do exactly?  All I really do            is run a bookstore --

FRANK    All you really do is this incredibly          noble thing --


Kathleen nods.

KATHLEEN    But I don't know if I -- FRANK    (stopping her)          Kathleen --

KATHLEEN    But I just --

FRANK    You are a lone reed. Kathleen looks puzzled. He sticks a piece of paper in the typewriter,
starts typing.
FRANK (CONT'D)          You are a lone reed waving in the          breeze standing strong and tall in          the corrupt sands of commerce.                    (=堕落した)

He whips the piece of paper out of the typewriter
and hands it to her.

KATHLEEN   (reading from it)             I am a lone reed.            (tries it on again)             I am a lone reed. Clutching her piece of paper, she wanders into
the bathroom. 43   INT. BEDROOM - DUSK                                           43   
We hear the sound of a typewriter begin to clack
away in the next room. Kathleen walks past her computer, looks at it.
Then she goes over to the window, looks out at
her street at dusk. 44   EXT. KATHLEEN'S STREET - DUSK                                 44    A group of schoolgirls in uniform, in two
straight lines, walk past with a tall woman.

45   INT. KATHLEEN'S BEDROOM - DUSK                                45    She goes over to the bookshelf and pulls out a copy
of Madeleine by Ludwig Bemelmans and opens it to
the illustration of the twelve little girls in two
straight lines marching through the streets of
Paris. She looks at it, then looks up, lost in
thought. We hear the sound of the computer keys. KATHLEEN (V.O.)
            Sometimes I wonder about my life.  I             lead a small life.  Well, not small,             but circumscribed.  And sometimes I             wonder, do I do it because I like             it, or because I haven't been brave?              So much of what I see reminds me of             something I read in a book, when             shouldn't it be the other way around?

other way around=逆に

And hold on her as she thinks about this.

In the other room, we hear Frank typing.

Kathleen goes to the computer, turns it on. 46   EXT. KATHLEEN'S BUILDING - NIGHT                              46    As we see Kathleen, through her curtains, a small
figure barely lit by her computer. KATHLEEN  I don't really want an answer.  I             just want to send this cosmic question
      out into the void.  So goodnight,             dear void.



2017年11月22日 (水)


38   EXT. NEW YORK STREET - DAY                                    38   

As George walks along Broadway, past the sign,
which now says: "COMING SOON: A FOXBOOKS
SUPERSTORE".  He sees it. 39   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER                                   39    Kathleen and several CUSTOMERS in the store.

George walks in and goes to the back to hang
up his coat.

Christina is unpacking boxes. Birdie is at the
desk. George looks at Christina meaningfully. CHRISTINA(totally mystified)             What?

GEORGE    The coup de foudre. I had one. I           never believed in them, but I just           had one.

coup de foudre=〈フランス語〉青天の霹靂、一目ぼれ
BIRDIE  Is that the thing where you get cold 
          suddenly, bang?

CHRISTINA  No, that's the coup de vieux.

BIRDIE   I had that.

GEORGE   The coup de foudre is where you get 
         love suddenly, bang.  A thunderbolt.

BIRDIE   I had that too.  Only I had it in 
         Seville, where it was called ,el 
         estruendo de amor.
GEORGE   I don't know her name, or anything
         about her. I may never see her again.

CHRISTINA   And if you ever do meet her, you'll
            find out all the horrible details,
            and that will be that.  She'll turn             out to have pictures of the Virgin             Mary all over the walls.

GEORGE     I won't care. Kathleen sticks her head into the back. KATHLEEN    Can someone help me out here?

CHRISTINA   George had a coup de foudre.

GEORGE    And Christina's making fun of me. KATHLEEN    Don't let her. I believe in this,
            I completely believe in this. It             happened to Madame Bovary,at least             six times. CHRISTINA   And she was wrong every time.

            (beat)             Who was she?

GEORGE    I don't know.  She was standing           outside my building with the police           and the reporters. KATHLEEN   What police and reporters?

GEORGE    Someone died.

KATHLEEN   Who? GEORGE    I have no idea about that either.            They found her on the roof. KATHLEEN    A dead body. That's so sad. But             you fell in love. That's so great. GEORGE    Oh. One other thing. 40   EXT. COLUMBUS AVENUE - DAY

The sign is now complete and it says: "Coming
soon, just around the corner. A Foxbooks
Superstore." Kathleen and George and Christina stand there
looking at it.
CHRISTINA    Quel nightmare.
             (なんという悪夢!) KATHLEEN    It has nothing to do with us. It's             big, impersonal, overstocked and             full of ignorant salespeople.


GEORGE  But they discount.

KATHLEEN  But they don't provide any service.              We do. George and Christina nod. 41   INT. BARNEY GREENGRASS - LUNCHTIME


Kathleen is having lunch with Birdie.

KATHLEEN    So really it's a good development.              You know how in the flower district,             there are all these flower shops in             a row so you can find whatever you             want.  Well, this is going to be the             book district.  If you don't have             it, we do. BIRDIE    And vice versa.



26   INT. SUBWAY - DAY                                             26   

Kathleen looks up from her book as a butterfly
flies through the subway car.

KATHLEEN (V.O.)Once I read a story about a butterfly                in the subway, and today I saw one.                I couldn't believe it.  It got on at                42nd -- The train comes to a stop. The butterfly flies out.

KATHLEEN (V.O.) (CONT'D)                -- and got off at 59th,where I assume                it was going to Bloomindale's to buy                a hat that will turn out to be a                mistake. As almost all hats are.




                                     27    A flour truck is unloading flour into a hole in
the ground.

JOE (V.O.)     Did you know that every night a truck                pulls up to H&H Bagels and pumps                about a ton of flour into the ground?                 The air is absolutely amazing.


As Joe comes around the corner and sees the dust
filling the air. It is amazing

KATHLEEN (V.O.)I guess I've read Pride & Prejudice                about 100 times -- 28   INT. JOE'S KITCHEN - DAY                                      28    As Joe reads a copy of Pride and Prejudice. He
can't stand it. KATHLEEN (V.O.)-- and every time I read it I worry                that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are not                going to get together -- but the                truth is whenever I think about my                favorite book I always think about                the books I read as a child -- 29   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DAY                             29    As Kathleen takes a copy of Homer Price off the



JOE (V.O.)  Did you ever read Homer Price?  My               all-time favorite children's book.


She opens it to the illustration of the doughnut
machine that won't stop making doughnuts.

JOE (V.O., CONT'D)           There's a doughnut machine in it
     that won't stop making doughnuts,           they just keep coming down the chute           just as regular as a clock can tick.



                                30    KATHLEEN (V.O.)Have you been to Krispy Kreme? Joe,eating a doughnut,looks through the window
at the huge doughnut machine as the doughnuts
roll down the chute just as regular as a clock
can tick. KATHLEEN (V.O., CONT'D)           There's a doughnut machine right in           the window that makes 110 dozen           doughnuts an hour. 31   EXT. STARBUCKS - DAY                                          31    As Joe leaves with his morning coffee. 32   EXT. COLUMBUS AVENUE - NEW YORK - MORNING                     32    Joe goes to his painter at work: COMING SOON is
as far as he's gotten. 33   EXT. STARBUCKS - DAY                                          33    She enters Starbucks.
34   INT. STARBUCKS - DAY                                          34    As Kathleen buys her morning coffee and listens
to everyone ordering. We can hear the sounds of Starbucks: "Short decaf
cap,""Tall mocha latte.""Grande lowfat regular."
Etc. 35   EXT. COLUMBUS AVENUE - A HALF HOUR LATER                      35    The painter is further along on the sign.
It now reads:      COMING SOON, A FOXBOOKS SU -- Kathleen walks past the construction site. 
She doesn't really pay attention to the sign
painter. We see two police cars barreling up 75th Street,
followed by a television news truck.


36   EXT. BROADWAY - CONTINUOUS                                    36    The police cars and TV truck barrel uptown.

37   EXT. 101ST STREET - CONTINUOUS                                37    They turn left onto West 101st and stop in
front of an apartment building on the block.
There are more police cars and a horde of
television reporters with microphones, etc.


George emerges from the building as a
newscaster broadcasts. TV REPORTER  The body of a woman was found
        this morning on the roof of a
               New York building... As George comes out of his building into a
horde of REPORTERS with microphones, cameras,
etc. and listens to the reporter,who, seeing
George, sticks the microphone into his face. TV REPORTER (CONT'D)              Here is a resident of the building.               Your name, please? GEORGE    George Pappas. REPORTER   Did you see or hear anything unusual            last night? GEORGE    No.  I didn't go out. At that moment, George sees a young woman.
This is MEREDITH CARTER. He is struck dumb. REPORTER  The victim was red-haired, about            thirty-five,wearing a jogging suit.             Did you encounter anyone by that            description in the building?  Sir? George hasn't heard a word. REPORTER (CONT'D)            Have there been any wild parties            lately? George doesn't answer. REPORTER (CONT'D)            Could it perhaps be one of your            neighbors? George continues to stare at the beautiful
woman. As he does,she notices him. She stares

The reporter,ignored,finally turns away.

REPORTER (CONT'D)(to camera)
          As you can see, no one here knows           anything. He continues to stand there, dumbstruck for
a moment. Meredith Carter starts to walk away.

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25   INT. FOXBOOKS - WORLD HEADQUARTERS - DAY                      25   


Joe is in the office with his father, NELSON FOX,
and his grandfather,SCHUYLER FOX. The office has
been recently redecorated; everything is new and
a little overdone. On the wall we see the Foxbooks logo. JOE    Kevin and I are both a little concerned
       about the neighborhood response --        (suddenly notices the garish couch)        What is this fabric?  Does it have a


NELSON  Money.  Its name is money.

JOE  Gillian selected it.


NELSON   Of course.

SCHUYLER(スカイラー)            Your father is getting married again.

JOE  Oh, great, congratulations, Dad. Why?

NELSON  Who knows? Why does anyone get married?

Who knows?=誰が知るものか、知らないよ

JOE   Love.

NELSON  Yes, that is one reason.

SCHUYLER I think you're a damn fool.

damn fool=大ばか者

NELSON    Dad, Matthew is four. It would be nice
          for him if his parents were married.

SCHUYLER  Annabel is eight and I'm not married
      to her mother. I can't even remember             her mother's name.             (he laughs merrily) JOE  I have a very sad announcement to make.
    City Books on 23rd Street is going under ... Nelson, Schuyler, and Joe high-five each other.


NELSON   Another independent bookstore bites
         the dust --
bite the dust=倒産する

SCHUYLER  On to the next.

JOE  And I'm buying their entire stock --
    architecture, New York history -- for the
       new store.

NELSON   How much are your paying?

JOE    Whatever it costs, it won't be as much as
       this exquisite mohair episode.         (indicates the couch)        We're also going to have a section on West
       Side Writers --


SCHUYLER    -- as a sop to the neighborhood.                   

NELSON    Perfect. It'll keep those West Side
          liberal nut pseudo-intellectual           bleeding hearts --


bleeding heart=〈話・軽蔑的〉〔弱者に対して〕

JOE    Readers.  They're called readers.

NELSON  Don't romanticize them. It'll keep           them from jumping down your throat --

jump down someone's throat=(

SCHUYLER    What's the competition?                        (=競争相手)

JOE  One mystery store.  Sleuth, on 86th        and Amsterdam. And a children's bookstore.
       The Shop Around the Corner. Been there

SCHUYLER   Cecilia's store.

JOE    Who's that? SCHUYLER    Cecilia Kelly,lovely woman. I think
            we might have had a date once.  Or             maybe we just exchange letters.

JOE    You wrote her letters?

SCHUYLER    Mail. It was called mail. NELSON     (fondly nostalgic and kidding it
            Stamps.  Envelopes.


JOE    Wait. I've heard of it. It was a means
       of communication before I was born.

NELSON    Exactly.

SCHUYLER   Cecilia had beautiful penmanship.
           She was too young for me, but she
           was...  enchanting. Her daughter            owns it now.

NELSON    Too bad for her.

As a DECORATOR walks into the office carrying
a pile of upholstered pillows, and Joe turns
to look at them.


COMPUTER VOICE (OVER)            Welcome. You've got mail.

JOE (V.O.) My father is getting married again.
           For five years he's been living with
           a woman who studied decorating at
           Caesar's Palace.            (=ラスベガスのホテル名)

COMPUTER VOICE  You've got mail.





2017年11月21日 (火)




23   EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE ON COLUMBUS - DAY                      23         A little truck carrying a knife sharpener,
     its bells ringing, passes the building
     under construction.

knife sharpener=

Knife truck(参考までにYoutubeで調べたら)


24   INT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAY                                  24         WORKERS, ELECTRICIANS, MASONS, CARPENTERS,
   etc. in the process of building what looks
     like a large store.Wires hanging everywhere.



現場での会話。                                                      (CONTINUED)
KEVIN   The electrical contractor called. His
        truck hit a deer last night, he won't
        be in 'til tomorrow.  The shelves are
        late because the shipment of pine had
        beetles. And there's some question
        about whether we're installing the
        stairs in the right spot --

JOE     That sounds great. KEVIN   Testing one two three four.

JOE     Is the electrician here?

KEVIN   I just told you -- he hit a deer.

JOE     I hear nothing.  Not a sound on the
        city streets, just the beat of my
        own heart.  I think that's the way
        it goes.  Something like that. KEVIN   (beginning to glean something)
        Did you and Patricia get engaged?

JOE     Engaged?  Are you crazy?

KEVIN   I thought you liked Patricia --

JOE     I love Patricia.  Patricia's amazing.
        Patricia makes coffee nervous.
        (suddenly all business)         Are we still on schedule? KEVIN  We open two weeks before Thanksgiving.


JOE   I guess we should announce ourselves
      soon. Tell people we're coming.

KEVIN   This is the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
        The minute they hear they'll be lining
        up --

JOE   -- to picket

KEVIN  -- the big bad --

JOE      -- chain store --

KEVIN    -- that destroys --

JOE      -- everything we hold dear. But we'll
            seduce them with our square footage
            and our deep armchairs and our
            amazingly swift checkout lines and
            our discounts and our...

hold dear=大切にする

square footage=(平方フィートで表された)面積
checkout line=レジの前[会計の列]

JOE & KEVIN   (the trump card)                -- cappuccino.

trump card=〔いざというときの〕奥の手、切り札

JOE   They hate us in the beginning, but we get
      them in the end.  Meanwhile we should
      just put up a sign -- Coming soon,
      a Foxbooks Superstore and The End of
      Western Civilization As We Know It.





2017年11月20日 (月)





                17    As Kathleen comes around the corner onto 73rd
and stops in front of her store, a children's
bookstore called "The Shop Around the Corner."
It is an irresistibly inviting store.


There are twinkle lights in the windows,
framing large stuffed animals reading children's
books: Madeleine, Good Night Moon,Where the Wild
Things Are.  A teddy bear in a pinafore is
reading The Stupids Step Out.  Waiting for
Kathleen in front is one of her employees,

     (Ludwig Bemelmans 1898年4月27日
KATHLEEN    Hello, Christina.It's a beautiful 
            day. Isn't it the most beautiful day? Christina looks up at the sky as if seeing it
for the first time. CHRISTINA  I guess. Yeah, sure. Kathleen unlocks the shop and cranks the grate,
which rises, making a horrible noise. Two cabs
almost collide in front of the store, with a
screech, and one cabdriver starts yelling
obscenities at the other. Kathleen unlocks the
door to the store.

KATHLEEN    Don't you love New York in the fall?

Christina looks at her puzzled. 18   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      18    Kathleen turns the CLOSED sign on the door over
to read "OPEN" and she activates the computer
system. She looks around,and we see a small but
charming children's bookstore, with wooden shelves,
a tiny area where kids can sit and read,some
charming posters and a glass case full of first
editions of the Oz books and Alice In Wonderland,
etc. There's a playful display of witches, lit
with twinkle lights covered with orange pumpkin
globes and a sign reading "The Ten Best Witch List"
and a collection of witch books -- "The Lion,
The Witch and the Wardrobe," "The Witches,"
"The Wizard of Oz."

Oz books=Wikipediaより"『オズの魔法使い』
         (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)は、
         W. W.デンスロウが挿絵を担当した児童文学作品。
         (The Wizard of Oz )、1939年の映画『オズの
         魔法使』(The Wizard of Oz )から
        『The Wizard of Oz 』という題名が定着した。
         作者等がオズ・シリーズ(Oz books)を





On the counter is a glass jar full of sugar-free
lollipops. Kathleen hangs up her coat in the back
of the store and suddenly stops to daydream.
A smile creeps onto her face. Christina looks at

CHRISTINA    What's going on with you?

KATHLEEN     Nothing.

CHRISTINA    You're in love.

KATHLEEN     In love?  No.  Yes.  Of course I am.
             I'm in love with Frank. I'm practically
       living with Frank. Do you think you
             could get our Christmas mailers out
             this week?


CHRISTINA    By Monday I promise. I have a paper              due Friday.  Now what's going on?                     (she looks at Kathleen)                I'm just going to stand here till                you tell me.


KATHLEEN  Is it infidelity if you're involved             with someone on E-mail?


CHRISTINA   Have you had sex?

KATHLEEN    Of course not.I don't even know him.

CHRISTINA   I mean cybersex. KATHLEEN    No!

CHRISTINA   Well,don't do it.The minute you do,
            they lose all respect for you.

KATHLEEN  It's not like that.  We just E-mail.              It's really nothing, on top of which             I'm definitely thinking of stopping             because it's getting --

on top of~=~に加えて

CHRISTINA  Out of hand?        (=手に負えなくて、抑えられなくて)

KATHLEEN    Confusing.  But not really. Because             it's nothing.


it's nothing=たいしたことじゃない

CHRISTINA   Where did you meet him?

KATHLEEN    I can't even remember.
            (off Christina's look)             The day I turned thirty I wandered             into the Over Thirty Room for a joke,             sort of and he was there, and we             started chatting.

CHRISTINA   About what? KATHLEEN    Books. Music. How much we both             love New York.  Harmless.  Harmless.              Meaningless.             (starts smiling)             Bouquets of sharpened pencils. CHRISTINA   Excuse me? KATHLEEN    Forget it.

KATHLEEN (CONT'D)             We don't talk about anything personal.              We made a rule about that.  I don't             know his name, what he does or exactly             where he lives, so it will be really             easy to stop seeing him, because I'm             not.

CHRISTINA   God, he could be the next person to             talk into the store.  He could be...             (as George walks in)             George.

the next person to=次に~する人

GEORGE PAPPAS, in his twenties, one of Kathleen's
salespeople,is a cute guy who has no idea that
he's supposed to look in the mirror when he gets
be supposed to=~するべきであると考えられている

GEORGE    Morning.

CHRISTINA   Are you On Line? GEORGE   As far as I'm concerned, the Internet          is just another way to be rejected
         by a woman.

be rejected=拒否される、拒絶される

BIRDIE walks in. She is in her seventies, has
white hair,and is tiny, like a little sparrow.
She is the store's oldest employee, having
worked there for over forty years, and serves
as a accountant as well as salesperson.



KATHLEEN  Good morning, Birdie.

BIRDIE  What are you all talking about? CHRISTINA  Cybersex.

BIRDIE  I tried to have cybersex once but I
     kept getting a busy signal.

get a busy signal=

CHRISTINA   I know, I know. One Saturday night
            I was really depressed about not
            having a date, so I thought, no
            problem, I'll go on line and I
            won't be lonely, but I couldn't
            get on,there were hundreds of thousands
            of people who didn't have dates trying
            to get on. You have to wonder which             is harder, getting a date or getting             On Line when you don't have a date.

get on=〔異性を〕ナンパする、口説く

GEORGE    Getting a date is harder. We hear the bell jingle as TWO WEST SIDE MOTHERS
come in with two KIDS IN STROLLERS.


KATHLEEN  (to the kids)
      Jessica and Maia, how are you today?

We hear the sound of the garbage truck. Kathleen
goes out THE FRONT DOOR TO: 19   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DAY                             19    As the commercial garbage truck pulls up and TWO
GARBAGEMEN start to load her trash.


KATHLEEN    Hey,you forgot to pick up the garbage
            last week and I got a ticket. And
            you're late today -- I could have
            gotten another.

GARBAGEMAN #1             We were here, there was no garbage. GARBAGEMAN #2  Yeah. KATHLEEN   Of course there was -- GARBAGEMAN #1  What do you think, I don't want to                pick up garbage?  You think I go up                and down the street picking up                garbage, I'm not going to pick up                yours?  What's the matter with you? GARBAGEMAN #2  Yeah. Kathleen is standing there, tongue-tied.                             

GARBAGEMAN #1 You don't even bundle it right,
        you're supposed to bundle it and
               leave it near the curb, you leave
               it near the store and you use cheap
               garbage bags, they smear all over
        the place, and then I got to pick
               it up with my shovel --


20   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      20    As Christina, who's helping one of the customers,
looks out the window as the harangue continues.


21   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      21    GARBAGEMAN #1 And now you're busting my chops.                 You're just another garbage pick-up                to us, okay? bust one's chops=懸命にやる、がむしゃらにやる                          GARBAGEMAN #2

GARBAGEMAN #2    Yeah. As Kathleen continues to stand there, speechless. 22   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      22    As Kathleen comes back into the store.Christina
is ringing up a sale.

ring up a sale=売り上げを記録する

KATHLEEN    That guy went ballistic on me.                           (=かんかんに怒った)                            
CHRISTINA  I hope you told him off.

tell off=(

KATHLEEN   Not exactly.

Another customer enters the store.  The bell




2017年11月18日 (土)




9   IT. JOE'S DEN - DAY                                            9    As he comes in and sits down at his laptop computer and
logs on. JOE & THE COMPUTER (TOGETHER)     Welcome... You've got mail. And as he starts to read his letter, we hear:

KATHLEEN (V.O.)I like to start my notes to you as                 if we're already in the middle of a                conversation. I pretend that we're                the oldest and dearest friends -- as                opposed to what we actually are,                people who don't know each other's                names and met in a Chat Room where                we both claimed we'd never been                before. 10   INT. JOE'S ELEVATOR - DAY                                     10    As Joe, dressed for work, takes the elevator down with
his elevator man CHARLIE. There's a certain amount of
Good morning, etc., as the elevator goes down and the
voice-over continues: KATHLEEN (V.O., CONTINUES)                What will he say today, I wonder.  I                turn on my computer, I wait                impatiently as it boots up.

boot up=起動する

11   EXT. RIVERSIDE DRIVE - DAY                                    11    As Joe comes out of his building. KATHLEEN  I go on line, and my breath catches in my
            chest until I hear three little words:
            You've got mail.

breath catches=息をのむ、息を詰める

And the camera now pans from 152 Riverside uptown to:


12   EXT. NEW YORK BROWNSTONE - MORNING                            12    KATHLEEN     I hear nothing, not even a sound on              the streets of New York, just the              beat of my own heart.  I have mail.               From you. 13   EXT. BROADWAY - MORNING                                       13    As Kathleen comes onto Broadway at the corner of
83rd Street and starts downtown.


Through a long lens we can see Joe, walking blocks
behind her. As Kathleen and Joe make their way down Broadway
we see the West Side of Manhattan in the morning.
Mothers and fathers taking their kids to school,
people on their way to work, dogs being walked.
School buses picking up kids, bakery trucks
dropping off brown bags of bread in the
doorframes of unopened restaurants.

Kathleen stops at a newsstand, says good morning
to the newsstand dealer, and picks up a New York

Metal grates are pulled up to open flower shops,
nail salons, the pharmacy, fish store, the Cuban
Chinese Restaurant, Zabar's.

Joe stops at the same newsstand. He buys all the
papers -- the Times, Wall Street Journal, Post
and Daily News. 14   INT. STARBUCKS - DAY As Kathleen picks up her coffee, walks out.

                                    15    As Kathleen walks down Columbus, we see Joe
a block behind her.  She stops to buy flowers
and Joe passes her, crosses to the East side
of Columbus Avenue. 16   EXT. COLUMBUS AVENUE - DAY                                    16    A building under construction, with plywood
board covering the front and wrapping around
the corner.  Joe goes to a side entrance and



2017年11月17日 (金)




8   INT. JOE'S APARTMENT - DAY                                     8   
A dog is sitting on a large green pillow on the floor. This is BRINKLEY. The pillow has "Brinkley" embroidered on it.


Brinkley's master, JOE FOX, a great-looking guy, full of
charm and irony, comes into the kitchen and pours himself
some orange juice.  He's half-dressed.


JOE  -- but he chose to stay with me so that he could
          spend 18 hours a day sleeping on a large green
          pillow the size of an inner tube. Don't you love
          New York in the fall?  It makes me want to buy
          school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of
          newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and
          address.  On the other hand, this not knowing
          has its charms.

inner tube=浮き輪

VOICE   Darling -- JOE     Mmmmmhmmm -- Joe's girlfriend PATRICIA EDEN, in Armani head to toe,
comes into the kitchen and turns on the $2000 espresso
machine, which starts grinding beans. She's carrying the
morning papers. PATRICIA    I'm late.             (indicating the newspaper)             Random House fired Dick Atkins.

PATRICIA (CONT'D)             Good riddance.  Murray Chilton died.              Which makes one less person I'm not             speaking to --              (she drains a cup of espresso as a second               starts to come out of the machine)             Vince got a great review. He'll be             insufferable.  Tonight,  PEN dinner --

get a review=論評を受ける


JOE    Am I going?

PATRICIA You promised. JOE       Can't I just give them money?  That's
          the cause?  Free Albanian writers?            I'm for that.

be for=~を支援して

Patricia drains another cup of espresso, looks at him. JOE (CONT'D) All right, I'll go.  You're late. PATRICIA   I know I know I know. She tears out of the kitchen and the door slams behind her.

tear out of=

Hold on Joe, listening as he hears the elevator door open and close on the landing outside.








Frank goes out the door. It closes.

Kathleen tiptoes into the hall and looks through the
fish-eye peephole watching as he goes down the stairs,
disappearing from sight.  She walks into:



And looks out the front window as Frank walks out onto
the street and turns toward Broadway.

He's gone.  Good.

She sits down at her computer. An expression of
anticipation and guilty pleasure as she clicks the mouse. 6   INT. COMPUTER SCREEN - DAY                                     6    As we see the logo for America On Line come up and
Kathleen's code name: Shopgirl. She logs on and the
computer makes all its little modem noises as the
computer dials the access number and connects and we
hear the machine:
COMPUTER  Welcome. And we see Kathleen, listening for the words she's
waiting to hear:

COMPUTER (CONT'D)  You've got mail. And Kathleen smiles as her mail page comes up: 7   INT. COMPUTER SCREEN - DAY                                     7    WE SEE A LIST OF LETTERS: Big Cash Op: You can make $$$ in your spare time.
OIL MKT: You can turn $20 into $20,000
THIS REALLY WORKS U CAN DO IT: Maximize your selling
ability nowwwww!!! 
NY152 Brinkley
Kathleen hits the "delete" key and the first three
letters -- all of them junk-mail -- are deleted and
drop off screen. Then she selects the "Read Mail" key for "NY 152 Brinkley". AND THE LETTER COMES UP:      To: Shopgirl      From: NY152      Re: Brinkley

Kathleen starts to read the letter aloud:

KATHLEEN   Brinkley is my dog.  He loves the streets
           of New York as much as I do -- And now we hear Kathleen's voice replaced by the voice
of NY 152, a man named JOE FOX -- JOE (V.O.)  -- although he likes to eat bits of                pizza and bagel off the sidewalk,                and I prefer to buy them.  Brinkley                is a great catcher and was offered a                tryout on the Mets farm team --

V.O.=voice-over=テレビ画面に映っていない人[ナレーター]の声bits of=~の破片
farm team=〔スポーツの〕ファーム・チーム◆ファーム制度における2軍や3軍のこと。






As Kathleen wakes up, her boyfriend FRANK NAVASKY walks
into the room. He wears blue jeans and a workshirt. He's
carrying the New York Times.

workshirt=ワークシャツ、手仕事、あるいは肉体労働で着られる 特に丈夫なシャツ

KATHLEEN   Good morning.
FRANK (as he reads)        Listen to this -- the entire work force of the
       state of Virginia had to have solitaire removed
       from their computers --


Kathleen gets out of bed and goes to brush her teeth in
the bathroom, and we stay with Frank.

FRANK (continuing)        --because they hadn't done any work in six weeks. Kathleen comes out of the bathroom in her robe. KATHLEEN   Aren't you late? FRANK (continuing)       You know what this is, you know what we're seeing
      here? We're seeing the end of Western civilization
      as we know it.

as we know it=我々が知っているような

KATHLEEN   This is so sad. She tosses him his jacket.

FRANK (points at her computer)       You think that machine is your friend, but it's not.       (checks his watch)       I'm late. 4   INT. LIVING ROOM - KATHLEEN'S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUS           4    As Frank walks to the apartment door. We see a charming
room with a couch, fireplace, books, and a dining table
with a typewriter with a cover on it.

KATHLEEN (O.S.)          I'll see you tonight.
FRANK    Sushi.
         Great.  Bye.

O.S.=off screen=画面には姿が出ていない




2017年11月16日 (木)





原題は「You've Got Mail」。 この映画は1940年に製作されたエルンスト・ルビッチ監督の『桃色の店』のリメイク作品。時代を反映して元映画の「手紙で文通」の設定が「インターネットでメール」に置き換えられた。 脚本・監督のノーラ・エフロン、主演のトム・ハンクスとメグ・ライアンは1993年公開の『めぐり逢えたら』と同じ顔合わせ。”


you've got mail opening



We have a sense of cyberspace-travel as we hurtle (=猛烈な速さで飛んでいく)through a sky that's just beginning to get light.  There are a few stars but they fade and the sky turns a milky blue and a big computer sun starts to rise.     

We continue hurtling through space and see that we're heading  over a computer version of the New York City skyline.  We move over Central Park.  It's fall and the leaves are glorious  reds and yellows.


We reach the West Side of Manhattan and move swiftly down  Broadway with its stores and gyms and movies theatres and  turn onto a street in the West 80s.

Hold in front of a New York brownstone.

  brownstone= New York 市などで正面にブラウンストーンを張った家《高級住宅》

At the bottom of the screen a small rectangle appears and the words:  



As the rectangle starts to fill with color, we see a percentage increase from 0% to 100%.  When it hits 100% the image pops and we are in real life.




Early morning in New York. A couple of runners pass on their way to Riverside Drive Park.


We go through the brownstone window into:


KATHLEEN KELLY is asleep.  Kathleen, 30, is as pretty and fresh as a spring day.  Her bedroom's cozy, has a queen-sized    bed and a desk with a computer on it.  Bookshelves line every     inch of wall space and overflow with books.  Framed on the wall: the cover of the children's classic, Madeleine.

 cozy=〈部屋など〉(暖かくて)居心地のよい; こぢんまりした
 the children's classic, Madeleine:古くから子供に親しまれてきた絵本のシリーズらしい。


”『マドレーヌ』(Madeline)は、オーストリア生まれの絵本作家・ルドウィッヒ・ベーメルマンスLudwig Bemelmans, 1898年4月27日 - 1962年10月1日)が1939年に出版した『げんきなマドレーヌ(原題:Madeline)』を第1作とする絵本シリーズ及び主人公の名前”


2017年11月13日 (月)




I am Yamada.


I am Goro Yamamoto.


I am a teacher.


I am an artist.

5.あなたはMr. Bakerですか。

Are you Mr. Baker?

6.あなたはMr. Bakerの奥様でいらっしゃいますか。

Mr. Baker's wifeとやってしまった

Are you Mrs. Baker?


Are you an Englishman?


It is a ticket.


It is a weekly.


Is it a hat?

11.これはテープ・レコーダーです。(tape recorder)

This is a tape recorder.

12.あれはレコード・プレーヤーです。(record player)

That is a record player.


Today is Saturday.


Is that a radio?


元気な=fine; healthy; well
【例】お元気ですか=How are you? ; Are you well?

Are you well?


パン=《パンのかたまりは loaf; 薄く切ったものが slice; 焼き[トースト]パンは toast; ロールパンは roll》. a loaf [slice, piece] of bread(パン 1 個[ひと切れ])

bake bread=(オーブンで)パンを焼く
toast bread=(トーストにするために)パンを焼く
spread butter on bread=パンにバターを塗る
I like to eat bread and peanut butter.=ピーナッツバターを塗ったパンを食べるのが好きです

This is bread.


Is it fresh?


寂しい=lonely; lonesome

Is she lonely?


I am very thirsty.


She is very kind.



Is English easy?


I like English.


I want this.


【例】料理のにおいがする=I can smell cooking.; 生臭いにおいがする=It smells fishy.; ガスの匂いがする=I smell gas.; バラはいいにおいがする=A rose smells sweet.

I smell smoke.


We want peace.


【例】うちには娘が3人いる=We have three girls.; うちには電話が2台ある=We have two phones.; うちは5人家族です=We are a family of five.
かわいい=〈愛らしい〉 pretty; sweet; cute

We have a very pretty dog.


Her name is Pickle.


I have one hundred dollars.



I have an uncle.



I want a father.


2017年11月10日 (金)




問題=〈論議の対象〉a question; a problem; 【形式ばった表現】 an issue

We can't discuss such an ambiguous problem.


The problem[issue] is too ambiguous to discuss.


問題を解く=solve a problem

The problem was too difficult for us to solve.


【例】それは誰にも作れない=That cannot be made by anyone

The problem was too difficult for anyone to solve.

3.くだらないことばかり言っていないで、肝心な問題を話し合おうじゃないか。(beat about the bush)(get down to business)

beat about the bush=遠回しに言う
get down to business=(本腰を入れて)仕事に取りかかる

Let's not beat about the bush and get down to business.


借金を返す=pay [clear] (off) one's debts

I can't lend you any money unless you pay your old debt.

正解はpay up(全部払う、完納する)を使っている。

5.私には借金がたくさんあって、首が回りません。(up to one's neck)

up to one's neck=〔借金で〕身動きが取れなくて、首が回らない
up to one's neck with debt=《be ~》借金だらけである
【例】彼にはたくさんの借金がありました=He had a lot of debt.
in debt up to one's neck= 《be ~》借金がいっぱいある、借金で首がまわらない(状態である)

I am up to my neck with debt.
I am in debt up to my neck.


借金がある=be 《$100》 in debt 《to somebody》; owe somebody 《¥8,000》
【例】I owe him a debt.=I owe a debt to him.=私には彼に借金がある。

I am in debt to Mr. Ichimura.
I owe a debt to Mr. Ichimura.


【例】両者間の違い=the difference between the two
意見の相異=difference of opinion [views]
【例】外交を通じて意見の相違を解消する=resolve one's differences through diplomacy

The difference of opinion between the two must be resolved.


We must resolve the difference of opinion between the two.

8.この問題は両国で話し合って解決すべきものである。(through talks)

両国=the two countries
問題を解決する=solve a problem
するべき= should do; ought to do

The two countries should solve this problem through talks.


I would like to see you as soon as possible.

正解はwant to を使っている。「一日も早く」だからwould like to では弱いかな


【例】新宿で乗り換えなさい=Change trains at Shinjuku.
地下鉄で=on the subway[underground railway];

It is convenient that we can change trains on the subway.


【例】一度だけでなく二度も=not only once but twice; 角膜を移植する方法=a method of transplanting the cornea
今に=〈将来〉in (the) future; 〈間もなく〉 soon; before long; 〈そのうち〉 one of these days; 〈やがて〉 by and by; in (course of) time; 〈いつか〉some day; someday
BだけでなくAも=A as well as B

The brain as well as the heart will be able to be transplanted in the future.

努力はしましたが、正解はやはりIt is~という形で…

It will become possible to transplant not only human hearts but also human brains.


転校する=change schools; go to another school; transfer one's school; transfer to another school
大学生=college student; university student

In America even college students can change colleges.


In the United States one can transfer from one college to another.


2017年11月 7日 (火)




探す=look for; search for; 【形式ばった表現】 seek; 〈捜索する〉 hunt (up); locate (所在を)

This is the store (which) I have been looking for.



Isn't this the book you have been searching for?


~こそ=be the very …

You are the very lady I have been searching for.


【例】私は財布を置いたところに鍵を置いてきた=I left the keys with my wallet.;あなたはそれを机の上に置いておいて下さい=Please leave that on the desk.

Where is my shopping bag I left here ten minutes ago?


【例】私は電話を掛ける時いつも緊張する=I always get nervous whenever I make a call.; 物をのせる台=a stand on which to put things

Where is my briefcase I left on the shelf while I was making a call?


【例】(人)の心を他のどこかにやるtake someone's mind elsewhere; さっきまで=until just a few minutes ago;さっきまで家で寝ていました=I was sleeping at home just until now.


Where did you take the book you were reading (just) a few minutes ago?


映画館=a movie theater
映画を見る=see a movie

"Which movie theater did you~"とやってしまったが、正解は"Where~"と簡単に心せねば

Where did you see the movie?


雑誌社=publisher of magazines; magazine publishing company

What is the name of the publisher of this magazine?



Who is the author of the book?

10.あなたのところに届けられた荷物は、とても大きな段ボール箱です。(cardboard box)

届ける=send; deliver

A very big cardboard box was delivered to you.


A very big cardboard box has been delivered to you.


【例】テムズ川の下流に=down the Thames
工業都市=industrial city

The industrial city down this river is Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh is an industrial city down this[the] river.


日本海=the Sea of Japan
【例】jut far out into the lake= 〔半島などが〕湖に大きく突き出る; land jutting out into the sea=突き出た陸地

Noto peninsula juts out into the Sea of Japan.


2017年11月 4日 (土)




混血児=children of mixed race; children of mixed racial parentage; half blood; half-breed; metis〈カナダ〉; mongrel〈軽蔑的〉; mustee〈軽蔑的〉(一般に)〔古めかしい表現〕

Gene is a children of mixed race.


人種的に=racially【例】人種的に近い民族=racially similar people
有色人種=colored person; colored races; non-white races

the Japaneseは複数形だが、a colored raceと単数であることに注意。

The Japanese are racially a colored race.


This horse is a thoroughbred.


散歩= stroll; walk

My hobby is taking a walk.



You walk too fast for me to follow.


You walk too fast.



【例】帰りが遅いと(人)に注意する=scold someone for coming home late

My husband always comes home late.



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