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2017年11月20日 (月)





                17    As Kathleen comes around the corner onto 73rd
and stops in front of her store, a children's
bookstore called "The Shop Around the Corner."
It is an irresistibly inviting store.


There are twinkle lights in the windows,
framing large stuffed animals reading children's
books: Madeleine, Good Night Moon,Where the Wild
Things Are.  A teddy bear in a pinafore is
reading The Stupids Step Out.  Waiting for
Kathleen in front is one of her employees,

     (Ludwig Bemelmans 1898年4月27日
KATHLEEN    Hello, Christina.It's a beautiful 
            day. Isn't it the most beautiful day? Christina looks up at the sky as if seeing it
for the first time. CHRISTINA  I guess. Yeah, sure. Kathleen unlocks the shop and cranks the grate,
which rises, making a horrible noise. Two cabs
almost collide in front of the store, with a
screech, and one cabdriver starts yelling
obscenities at the other. Kathleen unlocks the
door to the store.

KATHLEEN    Don't you love New York in the fall?

Christina looks at her puzzled. 18   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      18    Kathleen turns the CLOSED sign on the door over
to read "OPEN" and she activates the computer
system. She looks around,and we see a small but
charming children's bookstore, with wooden shelves,
a tiny area where kids can sit and read,some
charming posters and a glass case full of first
editions of the Oz books and Alice In Wonderland,
etc. There's a playful display of witches, lit
with twinkle lights covered with orange pumpkin
globes and a sign reading "The Ten Best Witch List"
and a collection of witch books -- "The Lion,
The Witch and the Wardrobe," "The Witches,"
"The Wizard of Oz."

Oz books=Wikipediaより"『オズの魔法使い』
         (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)は、
         W. W.デンスロウが挿絵を担当した児童文学作品。
         (The Wizard of Oz )、1939年の映画『オズの
         魔法使』(The Wizard of Oz )から
        『The Wizard of Oz 』という題名が定着した。
         作者等がオズ・シリーズ(Oz books)を





On the counter is a glass jar full of sugar-free
lollipops. Kathleen hangs up her coat in the back
of the store and suddenly stops to daydream.
A smile creeps onto her face. Christina looks at

CHRISTINA    What's going on with you?

KATHLEEN     Nothing.

CHRISTINA    You're in love.

KATHLEEN     In love?  No.  Yes.  Of course I am.
             I'm in love with Frank. I'm practically
       living with Frank. Do you think you
             could get our Christmas mailers out
             this week?


CHRISTINA    By Monday I promise. I have a paper              due Friday.  Now what's going on?                     (she looks at Kathleen)                I'm just going to stand here till                you tell me.


KATHLEEN  Is it infidelity if you're involved             with someone on E-mail?


CHRISTINA   Have you had sex?

KATHLEEN    Of course not.I don't even know him.

CHRISTINA   I mean cybersex. KATHLEEN    No!

CHRISTINA   Well,don't do it.The minute you do,
            they lose all respect for you.

KATHLEEN  It's not like that.  We just E-mail.              It's really nothing, on top of which             I'm definitely thinking of stopping             because it's getting --

on top of~=~に加えて

CHRISTINA  Out of hand?        (=手に負えなくて、抑えられなくて)

KATHLEEN    Confusing.  But not really. Because             it's nothing.


it's nothing=たいしたことじゃない

CHRISTINA   Where did you meet him?

KATHLEEN    I can't even remember.
            (off Christina's look)             The day I turned thirty I wandered             into the Over Thirty Room for a joke,             sort of and he was there, and we             started chatting.

CHRISTINA   About what? KATHLEEN    Books. Music. How much we both             love New York.  Harmless.  Harmless.              Meaningless.             (starts smiling)             Bouquets of sharpened pencils. CHRISTINA   Excuse me? KATHLEEN    Forget it.

KATHLEEN (CONT'D)             We don't talk about anything personal.              We made a rule about that.  I don't             know his name, what he does or exactly             where he lives, so it will be really             easy to stop seeing him, because I'm             not.

CHRISTINA   God, he could be the next person to             talk into the store.  He could be...             (as George walks in)             George.

the next person to=次に~する人

GEORGE PAPPAS, in his twenties, one of Kathleen's
salespeople,is a cute guy who has no idea that
he's supposed to look in the mirror when he gets
be supposed to=~するべきであると考えられている

GEORGE    Morning.

CHRISTINA   Are you On Line? GEORGE   As far as I'm concerned, the Internet          is just another way to be rejected
         by a woman.

be rejected=拒否される、拒絶される

BIRDIE walks in. She is in her seventies, has
white hair,and is tiny, like a little sparrow.
She is the store's oldest employee, having
worked there for over forty years, and serves
as a accountant as well as salesperson.



KATHLEEN  Good morning, Birdie.

BIRDIE  What are you all talking about? CHRISTINA  Cybersex.

BIRDIE  I tried to have cybersex once but I
     kept getting a busy signal.

get a busy signal=

CHRISTINA   I know, I know. One Saturday night
            I was really depressed about not
            having a date, so I thought, no
            problem, I'll go on line and I
            won't be lonely, but I couldn't
            get on,there were hundreds of thousands
            of people who didn't have dates trying
            to get on. You have to wonder which             is harder, getting a date or getting             On Line when you don't have a date.

get on=〔異性を〕ナンパする、口説く

GEORGE    Getting a date is harder. We hear the bell jingle as TWO WEST SIDE MOTHERS
come in with two KIDS IN STROLLERS.


KATHLEEN  (to the kids)
      Jessica and Maia, how are you today?

We hear the sound of the garbage truck. Kathleen
goes out THE FRONT DOOR TO: 19   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - DAY                             19    As the commercial garbage truck pulls up and TWO
GARBAGEMEN start to load her trash.


KATHLEEN    Hey,you forgot to pick up the garbage
            last week and I got a ticket. And
            you're late today -- I could have
            gotten another.

GARBAGEMAN #1             We were here, there was no garbage. GARBAGEMAN #2  Yeah. KATHLEEN   Of course there was -- GARBAGEMAN #1  What do you think, I don't want to                pick up garbage?  You think I go up                and down the street picking up                garbage, I'm not going to pick up                yours?  What's the matter with you? GARBAGEMAN #2  Yeah. Kathleen is standing there, tongue-tied.                             

GARBAGEMAN #1 You don't even bundle it right,
        you're supposed to bundle it and
               leave it near the curb, you leave
               it near the store and you use cheap
               garbage bags, they smear all over
        the place, and then I got to pick
               it up with my shovel --


20   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      20    As Christina, who's helping one of the customers,
looks out the window as the harangue continues.


21   EXT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      21    GARBAGEMAN #1 And now you're busting my chops.                 You're just another garbage pick-up                to us, okay? bust one's chops=懸命にやる、がむしゃらにやる                          GARBAGEMAN #2

GARBAGEMAN #2    Yeah. As Kathleen continues to stand there, speechless. 22   INT. SHOP AROUND THE CORNER - CONTINUOUS                      22    As Kathleen comes back into the store.Christina
is ringing up a sale.

ring up a sale=売り上げを記録する

KATHLEEN    That guy went ballistic on me.                           (=かんかんに怒った)                            
CHRISTINA  I hope you told him off.

tell off=(

KATHLEEN   Not exactly.

Another customer enters the store.  The bell




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